Grandma Arrested!…for a slap?

Posted: May 6, 2010 in The Blog!

What is the world coming too? In Largo, FL, a grandma apparently slapped her 18 year old granddaughter because she was cursing like a sailor when the grandmother tried to get her to do her homework. The granddaughter than called the police who came to the house and arrested the poor 73 year old lady. This is amazing to me because I know my grandparents would chase my parents around the house with a belt to wack them with when they got out of line and my mom would get the wooden spoon out when I got out of line and I definitely deserved it. Kids need to get over it now a days, I’m not saying the parents can beat the crap out of their kids, but a slap or a smack? that’s not a big deal.

  1. ral says:

    1. “Come to Gators Dockside in Dr. Phillips” Well, duh, the Dr. Phillips/Windermere area is full of badly behaved kids because their parents taught them that they are more entitled than everyone else, especially someone they see in a subordinate position, like a waiter. That’s also why Dr. Phillips High School has problems with drugs, sex, & crimes. My kids didn’t hang out with Dr. Phillips kids for that reason – to the Dr. P kids, status was all about money & drugs.

    2. The anger and intolerance you exhibit in your post tells me your kids won’t be raised much better than the ones you’re bitching about if you don’t rethink your theories on discipline .

    3. If you’re still smacking your kids by the time they get to kindergarten then you’ve already blown it as far as using physical punishment as a means of changing behavior – all you’re teaching at that point is how to hit out of anger.

    I’ve raised three kids to adulthood and I did it without spanking them after they were 4 – because I didn’t NEED to spank them after that. They knew I was in charge and they understood that all actions have consequences, good and bad.

    They also understood that authority figures were to be respected, whether they were teachers, police, other parents or owners of businesses we went to.

    The fact that my kids were respectful to adults made it easier for them to behave because they were well-treated by most adults in return – again, actions have consequences, in this case good consequences in the treatment they received from adults who enjoyed interacting with kids who were well-behaved.

    But, then, my kids didn’t have an attitude of entitlement, and they didn’t think they were better than other people, even other people who were waiting on them.

    Bottom line – beating children isn’t the answer when it’s the parents who have failed to teach discipline.

    • I understand where you are coming from but I don’t know if you are talking to me or the person who commented on my blog. In my blog you will read that I believe that a smack or slap on the butt will not hurt them, just get their attention. My son is 2 and a half years old and I love him to death. He’s my best buddy but their are times were he gets a slap on the butt. It’s nothing hard, he doesn’t cry or anything like that it just gets his attention. Usually we just tell him what he did wrong and than he goes into time out. I agree that by the time they are in school and they are still acting that bad you shouldn’t be hitting them because they need more help than that. However in the blog above, the grand daughter was asking for it and as a “big girl” she should be able to deal with it herself. Calling the cops and getting the grandmother arrested is way to much.

    • Bobby says:

      1. Every school has problems with drugs, sex & crimes. Show me school that doesn’t and I’ll show you a school that doesn’t exist. And by the way, I went to DP and it’s students usually are not the ones causing problems, it’s usually the Olympia kids. If you think your kids are safe there because it’s newer and has better financial backing and richer parents than guess what, your wrong. I can name you 5 kids right now that are selling drugs at Olympia. So we will go ahead and just ignore your first remark since it is 100% based on opinion and has no factual basis to your side.

      2. First you have no idea about why I’m anger. Could it be because I saw over 100 close friends die because of this worthless government? Or possibly that the majority of parents, not all though, are complete push overs with their kids and left them run their lives and cause problems for every one else with minimal concern for others? Or how about that fact that people like you, I assuming you’re a Christian which I expect to be right, feel that no matter what their kids do there is never a reason for spanking. When I was a kid I fucked and guess what, I got spanked. Learned my lesson and never did that again. And the intolerance I show? Yea, I’m intolerant. I will not argue that point. I don’t tolerant anything from anyone, I interact with it. Toleration only forces you to deal with someone else beliefs. Are you tolerant of Satanists? It’s a 100% valid religion but I can almost guarantee that you’re not tolerant of them. And you’ve never meet me before so you think from one angry post that I will raise horrible children huh? Talk to the thousands of children I dealt with that were homeless, abused, neglected and abandoned that I helped raise while fighting a war. They still keep in touch with me and me with them and guess what, they are happy as you could be in a third world country. I still send them money to this day to help. What do you and your 3 “great” kids do to better the lives of the other people who inhabit this great planet? But I don’t take offense when someone personally attacks me for my beliefs. I’m used to it.

      3. It seems you misunderstood me. I’m not talking about punching kids and other forms of real legitimate abuse. I’m the first one to say if you’re abusing a child, I’ll kill you myself. Now when I say I’ll beat the shit out of my kids I mean when hey fuck up, no time out, no taking away video games and that little petty crap, I mean spank that ass and give them a strong reason to not do that again. And you NEVER hit a child out of anger. Let me say that again so all you bible thumpers can understand it at a literal point this time. YOU NEVER HIT A CHILD OUT OF ANGER! Now if that kid gets it not a fight, spank that ass. Gets in trouble at school, spank that ass. Yelling at Mom and Dad, spank that ass. Period. Plan and simple. Try to change my mind if you like but that’s how I was raised and you know what, I’m a pretty damn good person once you get to know and if you did then I wouldn’t be here defending myself from the likes of you, who ever you are “ral”.

      Well I’m done with this one. I still stand firmly in my beliefs that a soft raising creates a soft child wich helps create a more weakened world for us all. My kids will have the strength do deal with the harsh realities of the world. I will see to it. And next time you want to trash a school that I loved and represent, you better have some facts and not just your own shelter beliefs and propaganda. See ya at work Robby and I look forward to the next blog!

  2. Bobby says:

    Welcome to the youth of America. Don’t like someone, sue them! Even if it’s your parents. That’s the thing to do these days. I know when I fucked up I EXPECTED to get my ass beat, and rightfully so. When I have kids and they start acting up and being little bastards believe you me I will beat the shit outta them. Hopefully they won’t be retarded and do it again but I know they will learn real quick that Daddy does not play. And for anyone who would dare to call me a child abuser then come to Gators Dockside in Dr. Phillips on any Tuesday night (Kid’s Night) and tell my these little shits that run around there all night long causing problems for EVERYONE do not deserve a good beating. Our children these days are a bunch of little crying babies and pussies that can’t stand up for themselves or even take care of themselves. I bring this idea to the table though. Instead of letting these kids do whatever they want and get away with it how about this. Fine the parents and hold them responsible for EVERYTHING their child does. I mean EVERYTHING! Kid shits in the urinal, parents fault. Kid gets a speeding ticket, parents pay it or they go to jail. See how much people bitch about punishing their kids when the parents are held responsible. We can’t change these kids. They’re already screwed and destined to fuck up anything they touch.

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