We’re Safe: Thank you President Obama and company (take that GOP)

Posted: May 5, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Here we go again. If you haven’t heard by now, this past weekend their was an attempted car bombing at Times Square in New York City. However, the bomb wasn’t exactly made to scale as it never detonated and didn’t go off. I have to say it has been a great effort so far by the NYPD and all of the security teams within the US Government for acting quickly and effectively in their efforts in capturing the person involved. As of present time they have their number one suspect in custody. Faisal Shahzad, a US citizen of Pakistani descent, is being held for the wrong doing of this act. Apparently, Shahzad had planned this attack and was ready to board a plan to head back to his native country. Currently five arrests have been made in Pakistan in relation to the bombing. Shahzad was read his Miranda Rights and than began spilling his guts and admitting to the whole plot. Two things should be taken into account here. The bomb was made with fireworks that were suppose to ignite and detonate gas cans and propane tanks, however the tanks and cans were fire proof, proving that the bombs was what the government and NYPD calls “amateurish”. This very well could be a plot but the Pakistani Taliban, but just seems odd that a member of the Taliban would build a bomb so carelessly and uneffectively. The other point that is interesting comes from our friends over at the right wing. They are making a big stink because Faisal Shahzad was read his Miranda Rights. They claim since he is allegedly a member of the Taliban and a terrorist, he shouldn’t be read his rights, even though once he was, he confessed to everything and have been very corroborative. I understand people get upset on the issue of terrorism, however the only reason the ring wing are acting this way is because this guy was “darker”. Where they screaming about Miranda Rights and due processes when there were white people plotting terrorist acts? I don’t think so. I am all for getting terrorists out of the country and put in their place and prosecuted to the full extant of the law, however, the key word there is “law”. We have laws in this country and they apply to every person within the country, and some people (IE: the conservatives) need to get off the “brown people” thing and start paying attention to laws that they like to cling to whenever it benefits them. The fact that President Obama and his administration were able to handle this situation by using text book tactics instead of the republications favorites torture devices like Water Boarding, is something that the right wing can’t stand. They can not deal with the fact that President Obama is handling this situation very well, especially with all the other major issues going on right now weighting heavily on his shoulders. It is amazing at how some people in this country would rather have something bad happen just so they can blame the President and democrats. In closing, President Obama, his administration and the NYPD have done a tremendous job in stopping what could have been a major terrorist attack. President Obama and company are doing a wonderful job and have made this country safe and are keeping it that way, and in saying this, thank you President Obama for doing the job of a great president. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

  1. Bobby says:

    Already left a comment that applies to this on the “Obama makes his pick” posting. After reading this post I got a couple little bits to add to my other post. First I agree 100% with the “brown people” staement you made. A lot of this is going to come down to race, unfortunately. Personally I think if your a racist I think whatever race you hate against should be able to stone you to death. Also, the judicial system in this country is a joke. Take me fr example. I got arrested for driving on a suspended license for over 2 years. Come to find out my license was never suspended and I still had to pay court costs and fines, even though I did NOTHING WRONG OR ILLEGAL! Hell I even dug up all the paperwork showing that everything was valid and I still got screwed, total fines and court costs came to around $1200. I will agree with you that we need to support the law and follow it but let me put this out there; thousands of people are arrested and incarcerated for crimes they did not commit every year. We have even executed people only to find out later that they were innocent. Yes, we execute our innocent people here. Hell Texas executes the mentally handicapped! Can you see where I have a problem with your idea on working with the law? Before I can agree to follow any of these “laws” there needs to be some serious house cleaning and police and politicians need to be held accountable for this shit. Attornies as well. Are you a prosecutor that put an innocnt man in jail for 20 years? Well once he is finally proven innocent, because your guilty until proven innocent in reality, then the state or that prosecutor should have to make reparations to that innocent man and his family. Maybe then our police and federal authorities will get off their asses and fix the problem. Good jog to the NYPD though for catching this little shit. He is the perfect example of what I was in my other post, terrorists dserve no Miranda rights, no civil rights, or any rights of any kind. He came into our country with the sole intention of detonating a bomb to kill innocent civilians. He is a coward and should be hung in public as a warning that we Americans are feed up with being push overs and pussies and that we will do whatever it takes to protect our friends, families and country, whatever it takes.

    • I think the only issue I have with Miranda rights in this case is that there would need to be a certain level of suspicion, what happens if they had a low level of suspicion and found out that they were wrong and were to prosecute this person for doing nothing wrong. I def. agree that laws in general need to be revised, updated or just out right changed. Maybe in a case like this a certain level of suspicion should have to be involved and if the person meets those suspicions than the Miranda rights could be waved. In doing so their civil rights wouldn’t be violated and at the same time the protection of our country would still be strong. Seems fair enough. Maybe they should just hire us to create the laws and than we would be set 🙂

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