A Quick Look In: The NBA Semi-Finals

Posted: May 5, 2010 in Sports Rants!, The Blog!

Not much to say here. A 43 point win? That’s what happened Tuesday night when the Orlando Magic defeated the Atlanta Hawks 114-71. The Hawks should be ashamed of themselves for the “performance” they put on. They have to much talent to play the way they did. It could very well be a quick exit for Atlanta and the ultra talented Magic could move on to their 2nd straight Eastern Conference Finals. In other NBA news, the LA Lakers are now up 2-0 against the Utah Jazz in the Semi-Finals out in the West as well as the Phoenix Suns taking a 1-0 lead over the San Antonio Spurs. Lebron and company are tied up with the aging Boston Celtics, the biggest story out of that series is the banged up elbow of Lebron. For the Cavs to beat Boston they need James to be healthy and play at a high level. Antwan Jamison, D. West and Shaq are good players but they need their number one dog in the fight to lead the charge. It’s is gonna be and interesting ride the rest of the way. Will take another look in next week as the plot thickens.


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