TNA Impact Review- 5/3/2010

Posted: May 4, 2010 in The Blog!, Wrestling Reviews

Live (for now) from the Impact Zone
Orlando, FL

Segment 1.
Hulk Hogan & Eric Bishoff are on their way to the Impact Zone in a limo as Mike Tenay & Taz open the show with the news that TNA is listening to their fans, and moving back to Thursday nights, in addition, TNA Reaction will become a weekly show. Basically the ratings have been bad, declining heavily in the last month culminating with a .5 last week.

Result- Good move going back to Thursdays, the audience is there.

Segments 2,3 & 4
Jay Lethal comes up dressed as Ric Flair, wearing the Hall of Fame ring that was won the week prior, after a few minutes of great comedy from Lethal, the real Ric Flair comes out to address Lethal. Flair ends up dueling promos with Lethal and ends it with a big slap. A.J Styles, Desmond Wolfe & Beer Money come out and attack Lethal but the attack is quickly answered by the run in of Team 3D & Rob Van Dam. We come back from the break and Flair and Horseman 2k10 come back to the ring for more brawling until Hulk Hogan makes his way into the impact zone to lay out Flair & company as we go to break again. We come back as Hogan is in their ring saying TNA is number and lets us know that Desmond Wolfe will face Rob Van Dam for the TNA World Title tonight. In addition A.J Styles will take on Abyss in a Monsters Ball Match. Hogan than tells us that Beer Money will be involved in a 3 way dance with Team 3D and the Motor City Machine Guns. We see Sting pacing back and forth in the rafters about as the faces pose in the ring.

Result- Felt a little long but at least it set up what should be 3 really solid matches. Lethal was gold as Flair
and I know people are really negative on Flair wrestling, but to me as long as he keeps it only very so often and continues the great promo work as a manager, I think it’s one of the best parts of the Show.

Segment 5-
We see the Beautiful People in the back doing their makeup and talking about their tag team match later on that will have the Tag Titles and Knockout single title on the Line.

Brian Kendrick & Doug Williams vs Ink Inc. (Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal)
Williams runs down TNA for stripping him of the X-Divison title due to him not being able to the Lockdown PPV and challenges Kazarian for a match at Sacrifice.

Result- Ink Inc by pinfall. **1/4- nice short little match. Matt Morgan is on commentary and we find out that Ink Inc. will get a shot at Morgan and a partner of Hulk Hogan’s choice for the tag titles at Sacrifice. Williams and Kendrick argue after the match until Samoa Joe comes out and destroys both men.

Segment 6-
Flair is in the locker room laying it on AJ, Beer Money and Desmond Wolfe and tell them that they need to step up their game and stop getting embarrassed or Flair will replace them. Hogan is interviewed in the back about being the new backstage face of TNA and questions why Sting has turned his back on TNA and the fans and he will find out why tonight.

Mike Tenay and Taz hype up the Hogan/Sting confrontation later on tonight as well as the rest of the second hour.

In the back Mr. Anderson is shown beating up the Pope, he is dressed as the real pope in white cloth and then puts on the Pope’s glasses.

Result- nice work and really strong Mr. Anderson segment, but it’s almost 9pm and we’ve only had about 5 mins of total wrestling. Hopefully they are “wrestle heavy” in hour 2.

Segment 7-
Mr. Anderson is out with his hands together in prayer dressed as the real pope or as Taz says an “Alter Boy”.
Anderson mocks a catholic sermon in his voice and attitude until Jeff Hardy comes out. Hardy gets on Anderson for attacking the Pope and challenges him for a match at sacrifice. Anderson declines and is layed out by Hardy and Anderson is stripped down to his underwear.

Result- Anderson is always funny and a program with Hardy should lead to a good solid match.

Segment 8-
6 Woman Tag Team Match (Tag Team & Knockouts Title)
Taylor Wide, Serina & Tara vs The Beautiful People

Result- Beautiful People by pinfall. * nothing much here at all. However the Beautiful People are truly just that and have one of the best theme songs around today as well.

Segment 9-
Tara interview Tara challenges Madison Rain for a TNA Knockout Title shot at Sacrifice and will put her TNA career on the line.

3 Way Dance-
Team 3D vs Beer Money vs The Motor City Machine Guns

Result-No Contest after the band attacks Team 3D. ** was just kinda their. After the match Eric Young comes out with a kendo stick to defend Team 3D but then turns his back on them and joins the band. The MCMG thans lay out the band but then are taken out themselves by Beer Money. Good move by moving Young to the band. Hall & Nash just can’t get it done by themselves anymore, but with the addition of the young and talent Eric Young it makes them at least watchable.

Segment 10-
Orlando Jordan’s O Zone with Rob Terry.
It is a awkward set with a card board cut out of Rob Terry standing in the middle. Jordan begins to interview him until the real Rob Terry comes out to threat Jordan. Terry goes to pose but is layed out by Orlando Jordan.

Monsters Ball Match-
A.J Styles vs Abyss
Result- A.J Styles via pin fall, sprioing board splash onto thumb tacks. **3/4 Fun match for the time it was given and gives A.J a much needed win.

Segment 11-
TNA World Title Match
Rob Van Dam vs Desmond Wolfe
Result- Big disappointment. *3/4. Good for a squash match which it ended up being. Why make Wolfe look so bad? After the match A.J attacks RVD and says he is using his rematch for a match at Sacrifice.

Segment 12-
Hulk Hogan/Sting Confrontation
Hogan demands Sting spill his guts to why he as been acting the way he has. Sting says his problem isn’t with TNA but with him. Jarrett comes out and attacks Sting with a bat until Hogan gets in between the two men.

Results- That’s it? Not sure where they are going with this but I like Jarrett so another match with Sting should be pretty good,

Overall- Decent Impact but it needed more wrestling. I know that for TV you wanna try shorter matches and more storyline in order to get people to buy the PPVs for the better matches, but with the line up they put on tonight it should have been better.

*Note, after one week, I will be using a shorter and easier format for the reviews next week.


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