How’s that Drill, Baby, Drill thing workin’ for ya GOP?

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

I’ll bottom line this one. As you might know by now, off the Gulf of Mexico multiple barrels of oil have exploded into the waters not only killing multiple species, severely polluting the waters and being just another example of a GOP bad idea. I believe that some drilling is OK, regulated drilling. The republications just wanna drill, drill, drill and just never stop because the money will line their pockets. It was a slogan during the McCain/Palin campaign in 08′. We need to tape into other sources of energy, IE: Wind and Solar, as well as some drilling but it needs to be spread out. Thankfully President Obama has quickly made sure that they will make this an issue that they quickly address and that BP, the company responsible for the oil, will be on the hook 100% for the financial part of the clean up.


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