WWE 2010 Draft Review!

Posted: April 29, 2010 in The Blog!, Wrestling Reviews


* Kelly Kelly: From Raw to Smackdown
Honestly, Ya she’s hot, but who can watch the WWE Divas for more than 2 seconds? They are all so awful and quality for the bathroom break portion of the show or when you wanna make a sandwhich. Result- Thumbs in the Middle because she won’t be used much anyway.

* The Big Show: From Raw to Smackdown
Geez, the Big Show. Big Show just isn’t too fun to watch, he’s slow and too methlotical. However, he is a veteran, moves slow but better than most guys his size and provides an instant main eventer because of his size and reputation. Big Show won’t be a long term major player but will provide Smackdown with someone they can plug in when they need a quick fix. Result: Thumbs in the middle, he at least has short term value.

* Kofi Kingston: From Raw to Smackdown
Awesome pick up. Kofi is one of the best in ring wrestlers the WWE has and provides great matches week in and week out. He needs to step up his game on the mic, if he can do this Kofi can be one of the top wrestlers…I mean “sports entertainers” that the WWE has. Until than look for Kofi to be a top mid carder on Smackdown occasionally filling in during main event tag team matches. Results: Thumbs up, plus he has one of the best theme songs in recent memory.

* Christian: From Raw to Smackdown
This is Smackdown’s major pick. Christian spent years a top TNA’s Main Event scene and really blossomed into one of Wrestlings best preformers. Not only does he bring the goods in the ring and can adapt his style to get a good match out of just about anyway, Christian is arguably the WWE’s best talker. Christian on the mic = Gold. Along with guys like Chris Jericho and Edge just to name a few, Christian stands tall as a future mega star. Result: Thumbs Up, soon to be World Champion for sure.


* Chavo Guerrero: From Raw to Smackdown
It’s really too bad Chave will be a low mid carder on Smackdown because he is underrated on the mic and very skilled in the ring. The truth is Chavo is too small for the WWE’s “usual” star outline and he’s just been around too long for people to think of him as a threat. On the plus side, if you get WGN i’m sure you will get too see plenty of Chavo on WWE Superstars. Result: Thumbs in the middle

* Cody Rhodes: From Raw to Smackdown
We haven’t seen Cody since he got his headed kicked in at Wrestlemania, and now that we have seen the start of the Ted Dibiase push on Raw so it was just natural to put Cody on Smackdown. He has a long way to go to be a major star, he has minimal but fair in ring skills and the same goes for him on the stick. He’s young enough to still blossom and the rumors going around now are that his brother ,Brett ,along with Curt Henning’s son Joe Henning will start their own stable. I have seen Brett Dibiase and Joe Henning on FCW TV down here in Florida and they are both solid and it could be interesting to see where it goes. Result: Thumbs in the middle leaning up.

* Chris Masters: From Raw to Smackdown
When Masters returned over a year ago to the WWE after a “supplemental abuse” problem he actually was starting to get over. He was better better in the ring and has a great look. I don’t see him getting over anymore than on the mid card level, but with the right push I can see him possibly stepping up a bit more. Result: Thumbs in the middle

* Hornswoggle: From Raw to Smackdown
Eh, the kids seem to like, other than that…pass…Result: Thumbs down

* Rosa Mendes: From Raw to Smackdown
See Kelly Kelly. Result: Thumbs Down

* MVP: From Raw to Smackdown
MVP has seemed to have lost some steam in the last few months. Personally I liked MVP much better as a heel rather than as a face. He just seems so goofy as a face, and can he please get a new outfit? He looks like a power ranger. Still MVP has great potential and it can only mean good things for Smackdown. Result: Thumbs Up


* John Morrison: From Smackdown to Raw
This is a great pick. I love Morrison and he has quickly become my favorite wrestler in the whole promotion. Morrison needs to get more skilled on the mic but he is still fair enough. In the ring he has a lot of athletic ability and always puts on exciting matches while using good psychology to pace his matches well. Result: Thumbs Up!

* R-Truth: From Smackdown to Raw
R-Truth has skill, and he’s fun and brings alot of energy to the ring. He won’t make it to main event level and looks to be paired with John Morrison for the time being which will do nothing but put on solid mid card matches. Fine by me. Result: Thumbs Up.

* Edge: From Smackdown to Raw
One of Smackdown’s main babyfaces have shifted gears and headed to Raw. Edge is so good in the ring and during an interview he’s a must watch no matter what. While I do believe he is a step down from some of the other top wrestlers we have seen over the years (Angle, Benoit, Gurrerro, Jericho etc.) he isn’t too far behind and has made up for it during his interviews. If he can stay healthy, Edge will be a top star for years to come on the Red brand. Result: Thumbs Up.

* Chris Jericho: From Smackdown to Raw
This is a huge lose for Smackdown. It seems like they just all their best guys, I kinda feel bad. Jericho is simply awesome all around and though he is getting older, I still see him being on top for a few more years to come. Result: Thumbs Up.


* The Great Khali w/Ranjin Singh: From Smackdown to Raw
Eh. Result: Thumbs down.

* The Hart Dynasty: From Smackdown to Raw
Love it. The Hart Dynasty have been tearing it up on Smackdown and Superstars for a year now and they are so good. The rub they are getting from Bret Hart right now is really paying off. This can only get better. Result: Thumbs Up!

* Ezekiel Jackson: From Smackdown to Raw
Where is this guy anyway? Apparently he got hurt so we are safe from him for now. Result: Thumbs down

* Goldust: From Smackdown to Raw
Believe it or not, I like this pick. Goldust can still bring the goods when he wants to and put on a solid match against Chris Jericho a few months back which proves that. He won’t get much of a push and he won’t do much to stand out, but if he’s on, I’ll be watching. Result: Thumbs in the middle leaning up.

It’s obvious Smackdown got the shaft here. With their run on MyNetwork coming to an end and a move to SyFy in the fall they are definitely getting the second class treatment. By the time the switch to SyFy happens look out for something major to happen to spark so more interest. Looking at the recent ratings, Raw obviously clobbers TNA every week but they still can’t be happy. By loading up major talent on Raw, they might be able to get the ratings up a bit, however wrestling just isn’t at the popularity level it was during the attitude era. Wrestling goes in cycles though and has it’s up and downs, so before you know it they will hit another high and maybe the draft will point it in the right direction.


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