TV Show Review: Happy Town (Eps. #1)

Posted: April 29, 2010 in Movie & TV Show Reviews and Thoughts, The Blog!

Happy Town (Eps. #1)
Wednesday, 10pm, ABC

Haplin, Minnesota. Your typical, quiet small town is approaching five years since members of it’s community were kidnapped by a still unsolved criminal. A young woman named Henley, played by Lauren German, arrives in Haplin and is picked up by one of the elderly locals who takes her back to the bed and breakfast were she will be staying. Henley reveals that she decided to visit Haplin because her late aunt used to always talk about Haplin foundly and she wanted to visit and open a candle shop with her enheridence money her aunt left her. Meanwhile, the local Sheriff, Griffen Conroy, played by M.C Gainey and his son Deputy Tommy Conroy, played by Geoff Stults, are on the case to solve the first murder in the town in five years. Locals are scared, claiming the “Magic Man” who was responsible for the kidnappings years prior is back with a vengeance. The Sheriff refutes this but than begins acting strange, at random name dropping someone named “Cloey” who he consistently denies ever saying after his son constantly asks him about it. Mean while, over at the bed and breakfast, Henley gets comfortable and as she starts to settle in, she notices that the entire place is occupied by older white woman, who seem to have a giant crush on the one man living there, Merritt Grieves, played by great actor Sam Neill, who also runs one of the major stores in the town. The women act very curious around him and are incredibility nervous when he is not around, particularly one of the ladies, who lets Henley know that if she tries to go to the upper floor she will be kicked out of the house. The story goes on from their with great twists and turns, shocks and spooks and good solid drama. I didn’t know what to expect from Happy Town and since I wanted to get into a show that I can follow each week I decided to DVR it and give it a chance. I can say after one episode that I will watch next week with curiosity and recommend it to anyone who has an hour to kill. Sam Neill is always wonderful and delivers as expected and M.C Gainey is perfect as the over the top Sheriff and how can you not love Lauren German as Henley who plays the beautiful girl next door character to a “T”. Check out Happy Town Wednesdays, 10pm on ABC.

Chance of watching next week: 90%


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