In Florida, they fight amongst themselves

Posted: April 29, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Florida Governor and long time republication Charlie Crist has made it official today that he will be running for Florida’s senate seat not as a republication, but as an independent. Tea Party favorite and super conservative Marco Rubio has gained a huge edge over Crist with the GOP base and together they have pretty much forced Crist to run solo. Late last year Crist seemed to be the odds on favorite to win Florida’s Senate seat but when he supported President Obama stimulus package the republications turned on him and dropped him like a bad habit. The number one rule with Team Republication is “Just Say No To Obama”. Anyone who agrees with the President on anything has apparently violated their unwritten code of ethics, so when Crist decided to back the president, the writing was on the wall and it was just a matter of time. The GOP once again proves that it is lost, having no idea what they truly stand for. However, while the two conservatives fight over their votes something else sticks out to me. Crist might be running as an independent, but he is a republication in the end. He is just more center right than Rubio and it appears that anyone who is even close to the center and more of a moderate republication will get the shaft. While Crist and Rubio are dueling it out, Democrat underdog Kendrick Meek has a chance to sneak in the back door while the two conservatives fight for one parties votes. Meeks trails in the poles now but hasn’t really begun to push hard on the campaign trail just yet. Meeks should begin the charge in the upcoming weeks and than never let his foot off the gas. In a state that historically goes red, it surprised me heavily when President Obama was able to turn it blue in November of 08′. The time is now for Meeks and his supporters to go full steam ahead while the conservatives are sparring in the corner.


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