3rd times a charm? Kind of…

Posted: April 29, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Well, after 3 votes and 3 results of “Nay” the GOP finally have caved in and have agreed to take the Financial Reform Bill to the discussion floor of the Senate. It’s amazing that when a recent Washington Post poll shows that over 65% of people in the US are for Financial Reform, stopping these big banks from taking our money and being overly greedy on Wall street among all the other things that have been going on (IE: Goldman Sachs). The Republications still filibustered the bill, knowing not just what the country wants, but obviously what is right for the country. I understand that a big majority of the republications did this was for 3 reasons. Number one, most are made up of older rich white males who have a lot of stake in these big banks and other businesses, number 2 most of the followers of the GOP listen to the Glenn Becks, Sean Hannitys and Rush Limbaughs of the world and don’t know any better because they are so blinded by the mind numbing venom that is spewed out of their mouths, and number 3, they simply just do not like President Obama. President Obama is to liberal for these people. He is about the regular guy and gal in the country, he want’s to make things for every american and not cater towards the rich conservative. Let’s also be fair here, I don’t wanna through the race card around because that could get very tired very quickly, but they (the republications) can’t stand that the president of the our country is an African American, it’s plain and simple and they are still bitter over the results of the 08′ Election. In the end my gut feeling is that this Financial Bill will pass, however some parts might have to be dumb down to the republications liking but it will still be better than nothing. When this passes, and it will, because of the Democrats we the people will never have to be responsible for any of the short comings of these banks and big businesses and that is something we can all be thankful for.


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