Have the Mets found their men?

Posted: April 26, 2010 in Sports Rants!, The Blog!

A week ago every Met fan was ready to cash in their Met tickets for a new Mark Sanchez jersey, however after weathering the storm of the 20 inning game against the St. Louis Cardinals, the Mets have been red hot going for 6-1 on their 10 game home stand. Two of the biggest parts of this sudden success are starting pitcher big Mike Pelfrey and recent minor league call up, Ike Davis. Pelfrey has stepped up this season after a few years of inconsistency and sporadic signs of brilliance. Pelfrey has added more pitches to his repertoire, last year he threw a league high in fast ball percentage so the sudden change attribute to his recent success. Pelfrey is a young stud who, if he continues his ways, can be a major player for the Mets over time. Another major reason for the turn around is rookie 1st baseman, Ike Davis. Davis has the pedigree, son of former MLB pitcher Ron Davis. He as the power, speed and athletic ability, he plays well on the bag and a great stroke. Daniel Murphy was injured at the start of the season has been up and down during his 2 year tenure with the Mets and with the recent surge of Ike Davis it doesn’t look like Murphy will get his first base job back anytime soon. Ike Davis merchandise has been flying off the selfs and Mike Pelfrey merchandise should follow as well. For a team with so much bad luck, mixed with injuries and bad upper management, their seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel, but in the end, they are the Mets so don’t be surprised if that light goes dim once you put your sun glasses on.


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