Republications are at it again- Climate and Immigration

Posted: April 25, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Ah the Republicans are at it again. If you haven’t heard by now, Republication Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, offically signed the new Immigration Law that gives police the right to approach anyone who gives them “reasonable suspicion” that they might be in the country illegally opening the doors to racial profiling even more in the country and violating people’s civil rights all over the place. President Obama openly criticized the signing of this bill stating that they need to take more responsibility at the federal level. Apparently this has scared Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham so much that he has threated to stop the upcoming Climate Bill that was put together by himself, Democrat Sen. John Kerry & independent Sen. Joe Lieberman. Graham is standing still stating that he will not go through with this bill until he knows for sure that President Obama’s next “project” will be the Climate bill and not a quick change to Immigration. Graham and the rest of the “wonderful” conservatives are saying they think Obama will switch to Immigration reform in order to garner Hispanic votes in this coming November Elections. This is amazing, not once has Obama said he was gonna drop the Climate bill, which according to, will cut carbon emissions by 17 percent within the decade, Greenhouse gas reductions will be cut by 80 percent by 2050, it will provide for off-shore drilling (which i’m not 100 % sold on) and include $10 billion for the coal industry. Most importantly it will come with incentives to build 12 nuclear power plants which will provide many people with new jobs. The republications are once again trying to get in the middle of the democrats plans, and I’m surprised that Sen. Graham would do this since he is moderate when it comes to climate change, but in the end he is still a republication and should I really be surprised? The Immigration issue has been a problem for years, the great Sen. Ted Kennedy worked for years to try to pass a fair bill only to get shot down time and time again. He even worked together with John McCain to try to pass Immigration reform, only to have McCain throw that to the side during his presidential campaign. I’m all for tightening our boarders in this country, their is way to many Illegal Immigrants in this country, but their has to be a better way to get this done than having racist cops have their way. President Obama had so much on his plate when he was officially sworn into office in January of 2009 I’m actually surprised he is getting as much done as he has. Somehow passing the great Health Care Reform bill, Financial Reform looking like it will be passed, and did anyone complain when you got your work for pay tax credit this year?….No, I didn’t think so. Rome wasn’t build in a day like they say, but so far, I think he is doing a pretty good job laying the bricks.


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