2010 NFL Draft review: Jets, Seahawks & some young QB’s

Posted: April 25, 2010 in Sports Rants!, The Blog!

So the NFL draft has come and gone, anyone who was able to read my draft preview knows that some of the picks shocked me. I’ll go over a few of my favorite and least favorite picks, trades and other moves.

The Good:

The New York Jets:
OK, OK I know what your saying. I’m a Jet fan and I’m being partial. Well, you might be right, however, knowing the Jets draft history they haven’t exactly set the world on fire in past. The last few years have done well but I loved this years draft by the Jets, for the most part. I was really hoping for Taylor Mays to be picked up but it wasn’t to be. The Jets picked up Boise State cornerback Kyle Wilson. Adding Wilson, a superstar in the NCAA, to the already amazing duo of Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie, makes them 3 stars deep in the corner spot. I was questioning this at first since the Jets need a safety, however, Rex Ryan loves to stock pile his favorite positions especially on the defensive side of the ball. Another issue with the Jets that I have been hearing is that even though their Offensive Line, the one that helped lead the way for the best rushing attack in the league last year, was getting old and they needed to get younger. In return the Jets cut 9 time Pro Bowler Alan Faneca, who was due to make $7.75 million this year and was declining in skills, and pick up giant UMASS guard Vladimir Ducasse and add Kentucky fullback, John Connor to back up and eventually replace the aging pro bowler Tony Richardson. The final surprise that the Jets had for us is trading fan favorite Running Back Leon Washington to Seattle and pick up star running back from USC Joe Mcknight. Washington was injured last year in a game against Oakland, tore up his knee, and has yet to show he has fully heeled.

Seattle Seahawks:
Speaking of the Seahawks. How can you not talk about them during the draft. Pete Carrol decided to leave USC and return to the NFL and made a splash in his first draft. They trade for Leon Washington, who will compete alongside Julius Jones and the newly acquired Lendale White, a former USC running back behind Reggie Bush, for the running back spot. In the first round Seattle picked up the best Safety in the draft, Earl Thomas from Texas giving them big time athleticism in the secondary. The sleeper pick of the draft however was made by Seattle in the second round. Golden Tate, wide receiver from Notre Dame. Even the name sounds great and with speed that Tate provides, Matt Hasselback will have some fun in 2010.

Carolina Panthers:
Two Words. Quarterbacks and Steal! Wow, after getting rid of struggling veteran, Jake Dellohome, the Carolina Panthers were in desperate need of a Quarterback. Matt Moore filled in nicely last year and helped the Panthers finish with a respectful 8-8 finish but was clearly not the answer. As the picks fell of the board, big time Sam Bradford fell of the board to St. Louis as expected with the first pick in the draft, than pick by pick each player went. Even Tim Tebow fell of the board while other better QB’s were on the board, but more on him later. However in the 2nd round Notre Dame star QB Jimmy Clausen fell to Carolina and than in the tail end of the 6th round, Cincinnati star Tony Pike fell to Carolina as well. These were 2 of the top QB’s in the draft and Carolina stole them making for a fun QB competition in training camp. Add wide receiver Brandon LaFell among others, Carolina did very well for them selfs in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Others I Love:
Cleveland Browns: Colt Mccoy in the 3rd round? Great pick by new GM Mike Holmgren, as Mccoy will liklely sit behind veteran Jake Delhome for a year before being named officially the new franchise player of the Browns. Corner Back Joe Haden from Florida also. Good work browns.

Dallas Cowboys: Wide Reciever Dez Brant…Penn States ILB Sean Lee…thumbs up for Dallas


Oakland: Geez, when will Al Davis ever learn. What do you do when you have a bad quarterback? Well, according to Al Davis, you pick up another one. Oakland traded for extremely risky Washington Redskin QB, Jason Campbell. I know their are some Campbell fans out there and Washington didn’t have much of an O-Line, but you need to show some sort of ability and Campbell didn’t show much. The Raiders made a few picks that could help them right off the bat namely Rolando McClain the MLB from Alabama and Walter McFadden the cornerback out of Aubern. The only issue is that with some of the Raiders top picks you see others who could have fit the system better, guess we will have to wait and see.

The Bad:

Denver Broncos: So Josh McDaniels makes a million trades and ends up getting in a good position in the first round and picks…Tim Tebow? Wow, how awful. I know McDaniels and Tebow have gotten close lately but unfortunately I think that is were it will hurt him. You can work a few packages for Tebow, mainly in the Red zone, but nothing much outside of that. Tebow doesn’t have the arm strength or accuracy to beat the NFL pass rush and a big time NFL secondary. Tim Tebow apparently changed his throwing motion prior to the draft. How is someone suppose to change the way he throws in a matter of weeks when he has played that way all his life? Tebow’s biggest thing going for him in college was his running ability, but that was running against college kids, not 300 pound men. Tebow might very well get his head knocked off, but it looks like McDaniels is willing to roll the dice.

Thumbs up also to San Fransisco, Detroit for adding to young core, St. Louis for grabbing a franchise QB in Sam Bradford as well as the Giants who are rebuilding their defense

BIG Thumbs down to Jacksonville who might as well not even have came to the draft, ditto to Buffalo. Picking C.J Spiller is nice, but they didn’t even need a running back. Missing out on some other top players just puts them further back in the pack in the tough AFC East.


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