2010 NFL Draft- Clausen, Suh, Tebow and the boys!

Posted: April 22, 2010 in Sports Rants!, The Blog!

The big day is here in the NFL, the 2010 NFL Draft. Big names on the board like QB Sam Bradford out of Oklahoma, Ndamukong Suh, the 300 pound Defensive Tackle from Nebraska among many others will be waiting for their name to be called. We have a different system this year as round one will be seen for the first time in prime time at 7:30pm with rounds 2 and 3 being completed on Friday and the remaining rounds being taken care of on Saturday. Living here in the South in Orlando, Florida for 3 years after living on Long Island in New York my whole life it was sort of a culture shock to see the huge interest in college football. In New York no one really cares to much about college football with the over abundance of professional teams in the area. I would watch a few select bowl games and than the National Championship to get a good idea of what top players would come in the NFL the following year. I’ve gotten a little more into college football since that time, and while it doesn’t come close to the athleticism and pure talent that the NFL has but it does provide some fun and a better insight to some of the players that could be on your NFL team in the future. Now living in Florida, the name everyone loves and over hypes is former Florida Gator church going god loving good ol’ boy, Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow has some good size and strength, can run and run well and he always says the right thing. However, that is were the buck stops. In the NFL he won’t be nearly as effective when running as he was in college for the simple fact that giant men will be coming after him as opposed to kids. Tebow’s arm strength has been questioned but what is more detrimental to his success in the NFL is his lack of accuracy. With everything Tebow does bring to the table, he lacks the fundamentals that a big time NFL quarterback “should” have. Some QB’s have ran well, Michael Vick comes to mind but he does have a better arm than Tebow and as hyped as Vick is/was he really hasn’t done to much as far as his overall success in the NFL. He did go into Lambeau Field and win a playoff game in Green Bay which is not an easy thing to do, but their isn’t too much else. Other Quarterbacks available like top rated pick Sam Bradford looks much more like a typical NFL quarterback and that is even after coming off an serious arm injury. I love Jimmy Clausen out of Notre Dame and think he will be a top pick among quarterbacks and even with Colt McCoy being some what on the small side, I think even he will make a more formatable player than Tebow. I can see Jacksonville picking up Tebow for the simple fact that he is a god down here, people will flock to see him and they need to replace the tarp with a fanny every 18 inches in the stadium. Other interesting notes on the draft are whether Pittsburgh will be able to pull off a trade for troubled QB Ben Roethlisberger, they are asking for a top 10 pick in return. Will USC safety Taylor Mays fall far enough for the New York Jets to steal him away? I think it’s possible since recent reports say his stock as fallen a bit lately but with Rex Ryan loving the opportunity to turn players around especially on the defensive side of the ball, I wouldn’t be surprised he goes for him. The Patriots have a ton of 2nd round picks and look for them to try to rebuild their defensive since it obviously took a hard hit last year and with the recent signing of veteran wide receiver Tory Holt, it’s obvious they are looking to build they defense with the draft. All in all, the draft should be another exciting one and a good warm up for the upcoming NFL season.


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