NBA 2010 Playoff Predictions- Top Notch Style!

Posted: April 18, 2010 in Sports Rants!, The Blog!

(1)Cleveland over (8)Chicago- 4 games to 1
(4) Boston over (5)Miami- 4 games to 2
(3) Atlanta over (6)Milwaukee- 4 games to 2
(2) Orlando over (7)Charlotte- 4 games to 0

As a NY Knick fan, with every passing year my interest in the NBA becomes less especially with how my NY Jets are doing. However, my love for sports in general always keeps me interested enough that I have a good idea about what is going on. Looking at the brackets, the first round isn’t exactly the showcase of epic proportions. The only series that really catches my eye is the Boston/Miami series. Dwayne Wade is one of the best and most explosive players in the league and putting that along side a future star in Michael Beasly and the veteran forward Jermaine O’Neal that still as a bit in the tank, they make for a formatable team to go against and aging yet still effective Boston Celtics team. When you have a player like Wade on your team you can’t fully ever count them out, and I for one wouldn’t call it a major upset if they snuck  through the back door and go the win. The Bulls got hot towards the end of the year and nabbed the 8t spot from a fadding Toronto tean, but does anyone really believe that they provide much of a challenge to the Cavs? With out a big time scorer like Ben Gordon, who left for Milwaukee in the off season, it is gonna be really tough for them to get much going, I give them one win at home and that’s about it in this series. Speaking of Ben Gordon and the Milwaukee Bucks, they match up decent against Atlanta, but the Hawks firepower will prove to be too much in the end, I’m saying 6 games but 7 wouldn’t surprise me. The last series in the East is between the Orlando Magic and Charlotte Bobcats. Is their anyone else who is still having a hard time seeing the Bobcats in the playoffs? They have made leaps and bounds since their early days. Stephan Jackson isn’t being a jerk and complaining  and it’s showing on the court, and with the big time Gerald Wallace and Tyson Chandler blocking everything in his way, the Bobcats are getting good. However, the Magic are good, in fact, they’re very good, and even though it pains me to admit it because I live around plenty of obnoxious and cocky Magic fans, the Magic are taking this series. After getting experience and losing in the finals last year to the Lakers, the Magic are hungry, starving in fact, so they will make quick work of the Bobcats in the first round and since there has to be a sweep some time in the playoffs, i’m making this series my pick on that.

(1) LA Lakers over (8) Oklahoma City- 4 games to 1
(4) Denver over (5) Utah- 4 games to 1
(3) Phoenix over (6) Portland- 4 games to 1
(2) Dallas over (7) San Antonio- 4 games to 3

Here are the big boys, the Western Conference. Looking at these match up’s two weeks ago, I was excited and couldn’t wait to check them out. Unfortunately, with Brandon Roy missing time now because of knee surgery and having to go up against the red hot Phoenix Suns, I don’t see much hope for the Blazers. I loved the addition of Marcus Camby by Portland, giving them a big body to match up against Stoudamire, but with Nash playing at a near MVP level, the underrated Jason Richardson and the other pieces the Suns have, and injury ridden Portland Blazer team won’t be able to fight off the Sums unarmed like they are. The injury big didn’t just bite the Blazers, they took a bite out of the Utah Jazz, an even bigger bite actually. Not only is Carlos Boozer banged up and limping around, AK 47, Andrei Kirilenko, is still out and might miss the entire opening round against Denver with a strained calf that doesn’t seem to want to get better. The Denver Nuggets are a solid NBA team right now and Carmelo Anthony has started to mature and prove to everyone he could be clutch and carry the load as a top star. Denver rolls on to the second sound with a 4-1 series win. The defending champion, LA Lakers, get their big young stud Andrew Bynum back into the starting line up to sure up the front court with All-Star Pau Gasol. Adding Kobe Bryant to the mix, LA fan favorite Derick Fisher and Lamar Odom, do we seriously need to even discuss this series? Oklahoma City have surprised everyone, yours truly included, and Kevin Durrant reminds me of a young Kevin Garrnett, but even though he might end up a future Hall of Famer, it won’t be this year and at the expensive of the Lakers. I like to save the best for last, so were going with the Dallas Mavericks against the San Antonio Spurs. I remember the Spurs first title win, it was in 1999 during the lockout season. I was pumped up with my NY Knicks having a great year with Larry Johnson, Sprewell, Allen Houston and the rest of the gang. However, Patrick Ewing, the anchor and heart of the Knicks tore his achilles. Chris Dudley sure did try hard but the Spurs went on to win their 1st NBA title. Fast Forward 11 years and the Spurs still are a top team. However, Tim Duncan, while still one of the best forward/centers in the game, he has lost a step as age is catching up with him. They have some nice pieces and are a tough team, but the Mavericks are build to win now. They are more hungry than the Spurs, they got to the finals in 2006 and blew a 2-0 lead before losing the series and finals to the Miami Heat. The memory of a championship that was within inches of their grasp, has hunted them every since. Jason Kidd isn’t getting any younger but still can play at a top level. Shawn Marion is still a good player and Tim Thomas has played well on the wing. The real story is the big man. Dirk Nowitzki has proven he is a top 5 player in the league, a 7 footer with an outside game of a guard. It’s time for Dirk and the rest of the Mavs to take that big step to the NBA finals, and it starts in a hard fought victory over their in state rival, the San Antonio Spurs


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