Hey Conservatives, be proud!

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

I was going to head to bed already, but I’m sitting here watching an old episode of Real Time and they showed the above video. It is from a rally and one of the Highly Conservative Religious Tea Party Movement that is against the new Health Care Reform (that they are all clueless on anyway) where a man with Parkinson’s Disease is sitting in on the rally to make a point and the wonderful conservatives in this country make him feel right at home. Now, I am not saying all the conservatives would due this, but it is a very large portion of them. I am sitting here watching this 30 second clip and i’m actually sick to my stomach and embarrassed to be an American. Hey Conservatives…be proud…this is why people with even half a brain can’t stand you. You don’t want to keep the change? that’s fine i’ll gather up the change and buy the health care that i’ll be able to afford now so I can go to the dentist on a regular basis and make my father happy and make sure my wife and son are healthy. Sorry the rich folks (yes 250k or more is rich, deal with it) might have to pay a bit more in taxes, sorry the money that you donate to charities only to get it back in your taxes later anyway might go to the people of this country who unfortunately aren’t as fortunate as you.


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