Sarah, George & their Tea Bags

Posted: April 14, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

So apparently Sarah Palin spoke at a rally today in Boston blasting the Obama administration, saying that he can “keep the change” and that they will be just fine sticking with their constitution, religion and guns…because that worked so well for the 8 years before and right?. A deficit of numbers we haven’t seen in this country since the 30’s, a terrorist attack on our country and a war that was based on a lie that George Bush even admitted. Yes, that is right, he admitted it, when asked about the weapons of mass destruction, Bush stated he had “bad intelligence” but had to stay in Iraq anyway. Seriously, is this woman still relevant? A half-term governor who embarrassed herself on the campaign trail in November while making a fool of herself every since. Can you take anyone serious who gets her kicks by shooting wolfs from an airplane? Even members of her own party threw her under the bus when the McCain/Palin ticket was smashed on that first Tuesday of November, stating that they couldn’t take her seriously. The fact that people can still stand behind this woman as somebody they can not just be proud of, but also follow is mind boggling. If the half-term governor is the best the GOP has to offer, than I think they are in some trouble.


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