Tea Partiers and the Right can stick it!

Posted: April 12, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

So lately, you might have heard the term “tea party movent” or something similair to that. Basically what we are dealing with are  far right, conservative, heavy religious minded republications. So in other words clueless people who don’t care about anyone who doesn’t beleive in the same invisable man as they do, who claim they are pro-life but will bomb an abortion clinic in a minute and kill the guy on death row in seconds whether or he is guilt or not. The type of people who love hunting and killing innocent wildlife because they are so insecure with who they are, that they have to prove their man hood by shooting a deer drinking from a pond or a bunny rabit hopping along in the forrest. The same people who claim their religion loves all but of course not if your gay, don’t follow the same rules their book says and don’t live a “19th century” life style. Sorry folks, were in the 21st century now, there is this little thing called science, and along with science comes facts, facts in turn means truth. Don’t bother arguing however, it is a lost cost as they turn off their ears unless they watch fox news or listen to Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz or the other screaming maniacs the right throws our way.  In a great explain of these people, below is a link to a video of tea partier Victoria Jackson, who actually tells a crowd of mindless sheep that whether or not President Obama has a birth certificate he isn’t American. Wow. just wow

Tea Party Crazy!


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