Movie Review- The Skeptic (2009)

Posted: April 11, 2010 in Movie & TV Show Reviews and Thoughts, The Blog!

The Skeptic (2009)
Written & Directed by Tennyson Bardwell
Starring Tim Daly, Tom Arnold, Zoe Saldana, Edward Herrmann & Bruce Altman
Run Time- 90 minutes

When a young, accomplished atheist lawyer inherits his old aunt’s giant mansion, he decides to take time away from his wife and son, giving his marriage a much needed breather. However, the time he thinks he will get away from his family isn’t what he bargains for. Tim Daly (who you might remember from multiple Soprano episodes among other things) plays the young lawyer named Brian, as the movie unfolds we get multiple scares with a slow build, but fast enough to keep you on your feet. Tom Arnold play’s Brian’s co-worker, Sully, plays his role to perfection as the superstitious and some what goofy side kick. Arnold is a true gem in his role and gives us just a small bit of comic relief not seen as much as it should in horror films these days, or not done as well at least. Brian who, as we mentioned, is an atheist, so when he starts to hear and see unusual things happening in the house he writes it off to insomnia and being over worked. After talks with his wife, his child hood therapist and his family’s priest he starts to think maybe their is life after death after all. We see visions of his past as we begin to realize, along with Brian, that his childhood and relationship with his mother isn’t what he remembered. He knew is mother had died when he was five, but after conflicting stories from different family members and half truths thrown his way, his memory just blocked it out and shut her off. All in all without giving away too much detail, Skeptic is one of the better horror films I have seen in awhile, an original twist on the tired haunted house story that has been flushed out time in and time out over the years. Skeptic had me entertained & spooked for the 90 minutes I watched it and was well worth the click on the button for Sho Time on demand that I used, definitely worth a $1.07 on Redbox and even worth $5 in the discount bin at Walmart. Thumbs up from me & Top Notch Entertainment!

Average Movie Ticket Price– $10
The Skeptics Ticket Price Worth– $7.50, but i’d also spring for some popcorn and maybe even raisinettes :-p


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