BWA Saturday Showdown (Early 5/2000)

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BWA Saturday Showdown
Long Beach, NY (East Hudson Street)

(the match rating system is similar to if you were reading a movie or TV show review, or even a regular wrestling match review. However, keep in mind that a match that might get **** here wouldn’t be what a real pro wrestling match gets, they are ratings to reflex that of a backyard wrestling match, so just keep that in mind. Below are the star rating guide line. matches will include half stars to accompany the match (EX: *1/2, ** 3/4, etc…typically since the best rating is *****, a match **1/2 would be right in the middle and considered an average match)

DUD- Offensive to the viewing public
* = bad match
**= fair and acceptable
***= good match
****= great match
*****= CLASSIC!

We open our next show in an actual backyard as we move out of the beach. The Beach Street Connection/BOH feud is a hot topic and two new wrestlers make their BWA debuts.

“The Master of Disaster” Tusk vs “America’s Choice” Ray Miller
“America’s Choice” Ray Miller is out in the wrestling area first and makes his debut. He is about 5
3 and 115 pounds. Tusk comes out next as Ray tries a quick DDT to start the match but Tusk reverses it into a reverse DDT. Tusk pounds away until Ray hits his own DDT. Ray goes for a choke until Tusk hits a low blow and than lands an elbow drip. Ray trips up Tusk and covers for a 2 count. Ray tries a suplex but is only able to get a take down. Tusk hits a full nelson slam but it can only get a 2. Tusk misses a splash as Ray rolls out of the way. Tusk delivers knife edge chops but Ray comes back with a closeline that only gets a 2 count. Ray runs at Tusk but he counters with a power slam. Tusk taunts the ref and than locks on a Boston crab on Ray. A big shoulder block by Tusk brings Ray down and than hits a Samoan Drop for another 2 count. Tusk connects with a back breaker and puts the arm bar on Ray who tires to hold on but in the end submits giving Tusk the submission victory.
Rating 1/2*- nothing here, Ray’s first match and Tusk hadn’t come into his own yet.

Skidmark vs Sick Boy
Sick Boy is out first making his BWA debut, nearly 6′ tall and about 220 pounds, he starts eating the bushes around the wrestling area. Skidmark than makes his way out with a shopping cart full of weapons. He instantly hits a DDT to put the big man down and starts smacking him with some plunder. He goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count. Skidmark tries anohter DDT but Sick boy throws him down onto a chair Skidmark fights back biut is backdropped onto the chair by Sick Boy. Skidmark fights off Sick Boy and delivers a suplex. He than hits him with a wooden board for a 2 count. Skidmark attempts the Streak but he can’t lift him and Sick Boy counters with forearms to the back and than hits Skidmark with the plunder. Sick Boy smacks Skidmark multiple times with the wooden board and than picks up the steel chair. He clobbers Skidmark with the chair but Skidmark kicks out right before the 3 count. Sick Boy Irish whips Skidmark into the referee and the ref is not out. The two trade off punches until ray Miller comes out and throws powder in the eyes of Skidmark as Sick Boy takes advatage and hits Skidmark with a sick bomb (release power bomb) and than hits Skidmark with a running power slam on the shopping cart. Sick Boy than finishes it off with a Rock Bottom. After the match Skidmark beats down on Ray Miller as Sick Boy grabs him and heads to the back.
Rating *1/2- it would have been better but unfortunately parts of the match were cut due to camera difficulties. Great running power slam on the shopping cart though.

BOH Interview
Skidmark is sitting on a ladder and Num Nuts is sitting on an even bigger ladder. Skidmark says he will try to stay calm and says he will make Sick Boy & Ray pay but challenges Storm to a match against Num Nuts in a Ladder match with the BWA Title on the line. He says they are the only one who plays by the rules but Storm will pay.

BWA Title Ladder Match
Num Nuts vs Storm
Storm comes out along with Tusk to Emeniem’s song “Kim”. Num Nuts comes out next and Skidmark is out with him. Num Nuts attacks Storm quickly with a drop kick and than locks in a sleeper. Storm reverses the hold in a front face lock and than hip tosses Num Nuts to the ground. A pile driver by Storm is next up as Num Nuts is hurt and receives some kicks by Storm and than a big close line drops Num Nuts down against. Storm than hits a catapult launching Num Nuts through the air and than a big arm drag. Num Nuts fights back and hits a DDT into Storm. Num Nuts pounds away at Storm and than hits a rolling thunder. Num Nuts picks up Storm and flips the big man back over and locks in the sleeper again. Storm works his way and throws Num Nuts up. Storm picks up the leg and works the leg with an elbow drop and some hard kicks. A running bulldog puts Num Nuts down again. Storm picks Num Nuts back up and tries and arm wrench but Num Nuts counters with a shot to the stomach, puts his leg over Storms head and back flips out of it and than hits a huracanrana. Num Nuts some how is able to get the strength to suplex the giant Storm over. A drop kick y Num Nuts puts the big man down. He drags Storm over to the ladder and drives him face first into it. Num Nuts lands some hard jabs onto Storm and heads up to the top of the garage. He jumps off the garage and lands a huracanrana on Storm! Num Nuts lands some kicks onto Storm and than and arm lock brings Storm to the ground. Num Nuts grabs the smaller ladder and throws it on Storm. Num Nuts goes for a choke and than tosses Storm to the ground. A flurry of jabs by Num Nuts is really rattling the big man and he hits the ground. Num Nuts lands a moonsault press. Storm rakes the eyes to get back the advantage and hits a back suplex. Storm than Irish whips Num Nuts into the big tree int he backyard. Storm than sets up the smaller ladder and sends Num Nuts right into it. Storm pounds away with some vicious right hands. Num Nuts gets back up and fights back and goes for a small package but doesn’t realize he can’t get the win that way. Frustrated, Num Nuts lands in some hard kicks and goes for a powerbomb but is backdropped for his efforts. An elbow drop by Storm is next and than a double underhook powerbomb. Storm bring over the ladder by the tree and heads up to the top to grab the belt until Num Nuts knocks him off. Num Nuts tries a T-Bone suplex but Storm fights it off and slams Num Nuts to the ground. Num Nuts goes for another slam but Num Nuts hits him with a DDT. Num Nuts climbs the tree and instead of grabbing the title jumps off onto Storm but he moves and Num Nuts eats dirt. Storm throws Num Nuts to the ground and pounds away. Another back drop by Storm puts Num Nuts down but he pops up and hits Storm with a Mad Dingo sunset flip. Num Nuts sets back up the ladder but Storm breaks it up and close lines Num Nuts down. Storm hits a Samoan drop on Num Nuts. Storm gets up slowly and sets up the ladder again. Storm slams Num Nuts in front of the ladder and goes for a charge until Num Nuts moves out of the way and Storm runs into the ladder knocking it down. Num Nuts heads over to the chair and brings it over to the wrestling area and lays it on Storms face. Num Nuts heads up the ladder but climbs back down. Storm comes back and hits Num Nuts with the chair right to the head. Storm heads to the top of the ladder and into the tree but is knocked down by a chair from Num Nuts. Num Nuts than clocks Storm in the head with the chair and than hits Storm with a senton splash with the chair on his body. Num Nuts lays the chair on Storm and than heads to the top of the tree and lands a big splash on Storm! Num Nuts heads up the ladder and is about to grab the title until Sick Boy comes out and pushes Num Nuts off the ladder and hits the Sick Bomb. Storm than climbs up the ladder and grabs the title for the win. Skidmark comes out to make the save and carries Num Nuts to the back.
Rating **3/4- Good solid effort here as we start to see some improvement in the actual wrestling department. The negative is that the ladder match just didn’t work. The point was to climb the ladder to get to the belt that was hanging in the tree, but multiple times both guys just climb the tree it’s self. The idea was abandoned for over a year, however in the end it ended up being a good match and moving along the BOH/BSC feud and adding Sick Boy and Ray to the mix

#1 contenders 4 Way Dance
Skidmark vs Tusk vs Sick Boy vs “America’s Choice” Ray Miller
Not sure how two guys who made their debut on the same show get a number one contenders match, but with the attacks on the BOH I suppose it makes sense. Tusk is matched up with Ray Miller and Skidmark with Sick Boy. Sick Boy attacks Skidmark quick as ray lands right hands onto Tusk. Tusk with a slam on Ray as Sick Boy tosses Skidmark onto Tusk. Skidmark knocks Tusk down with an elbow and Sick Boy hits an atomic drop on ray. Tusk slams down Skidmark and now Sick Boy comes over to double team Skidmark. Skidmark picks up Tusk and hits a spinning Streak to eliminate Tusk quickly. Sick Boy and ray trade punches until sick Boy puts Ray in a sleeper and than a full nelson slam. Skidmark wraps himself in a tire and splashes Ray. Sick Boy than picks up Ray and hits the Sick Bomb on him as Ray is now eliminated. Skidmark hits Sick Boy with the tire and drags him up to his feet until Sick Boy fights back and throws him into the storage center and hits some chops. Skidmark comes back and hits a DDT on Sick Boy. A sleeper is locked him and than Skidmark lets go and hits a jumping drop kick. Sick Boy comes back and locks in a sharp shooter but only momentary. Sick Boy gets Skidmark down and hits a sling shot on Skidmark catapulting him into the tree. Sick Boy lifts Skidmark up for the Sick Bomb but Skidmark reverses it with a school for the quick 1-2-3-. Num Nuts comes out and challenges Skidmark for the number 1 contenders shot. He Lands a few jabs to his head and than a t-bone suplex for a 2 count. a sleeper is locked in as Skidmark fights back and hits a vertical suplex. Skidmark attempts a crucifix power bomb but Num Nuts reverses it into a huracanrana pin for the win and a shot at Storm for the BWA Title.
Rating *1/2 – it just seemed a bit to rushed but nothing offensive or anything, decent enough to end the show

In Closing- We get two debuts, a new BWA Champion and a new number one contender. A good show to move things along even though nothing that great stood out. Justin Sain was not at this show but would quickly make an impact. Next up more BWA action.


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