BWA Saturday Showdown (4/22/2000)

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BWA Saturday Showdown
Lido Beach, NY

(the match rating system is similar to if you were reading a movie or TV show review, or even a regular wrestling match review. However, keep in mind that a match that might get **** here wouldn’t be what a real pro wrestling match gets, they are ratings to reflex that of a backyard wrestling match, so just keep that in mind. Below are the star rating guide line. matches will include half stars to accompany the match (EX: *1/2, ** 3/4, etc…typically since the best rating is *****, a match **1/2 would be right in the middle and considered an average match)

DUD- Offensive to the viewing public
* = bad match
**= fair and acceptable
***= good match
****= great match
*****= CLASSIC!

Handi-Cap Match
Skidmark vs The Guaccis
Matt & Sean Guacci, the youngest on the BWA roster and standing in at around 4 and half feet each, ya seriously. They were a bunch of young skate boarders who gave it a shot. They start it off with a double skate board close line to Skidmark. Skidmark picks up Matt Guacci and hits him with a Power bomb. Mike comes in and puts the boots to Skidmark as Matt puts Skidmark down with a DDT and tan a double team suplex. A famasser by Matt puts more punishment on Skidmark. Skidmark fights back and throws Sean into Matt. Skidmark hits a double underhook powerbomb on Matt. A delayed vertical suplex follows onto Matt for a 2 count. Skidmark than attempts a power bomb but is reversed by Sean into a hurricanrana. A face crusher brings Skidmark down ponce again by Sean. A close line by Sean but Skidmark turns around and hits Matt with a sit out powerbomb for 2. A streak to Sean but Matt breaks it up. Skidmark tries a Streak to Matt Guacci but it’s reversed into a pin for the 2 count. The Guaccis continue the punishment and than walk to the top of the dunes and get a running start and knock Skidmark down with a double closeline. Skidmark gets back up and reversed a DDT attempt by chucking Matt into the air and than a running power slam to Slam gets 2. Matt comes back with a DDT to Skidmark. Skidmark than tries another powerbomb but Matt counters again with a back drop. Matt hits a huracanrana again to Skidmark as Skidmark is dazed. Matt is tossed in the air again by Skidmark and he finishes off Sean off with the Streak. Skidmark makes his way over to Matt and tries another Streak but it is countered again as Matt goes for a crucifix roll up and than a suplex. Matt hits a running closeline but can only get a 2 count. Matt lands more kicks to the gut of Skidmark but Skidmark turns Matt around and lands a atomic drop and than and Outsiders Edge is reversed to another huracanrana. Skidmark tries another Streak but it is reversed to a Pop-Shove-It DDT for the upset win.
Rating- *1/2 this was the debut of the Guaccis. Matt and Sean. Matt Guacci, who is Skidmark’s real life brother, and his friend and kayfabe brother Sean were, as far as I remember, brought in to fill out the roster and add a nice underdog mid card team. Sean wouldn’t last long as we brought in another Guacci member to fill in the roster. This was decent enough and established the Guaccis as being a respectful enough team and doesn’t hurt Skidmark too much since it was a handi-cap match and he beat one of the members anyway.

“Top Notch” Justin Sain vs Tusk
Justin Sain makes his way out in new attire, a white t-shirt with blue jeans and rounding it off with a shinny blue shirt for his entrance. He says that he was told that if he beats Num Nuts he will get a shot at the BWA Title, but first things first, and he wants a match with Tusk because he pushed down his manager, Cammy. Tusk music hits and Storm walks out to the wrestling area as Tusk follows. Justin Sain attacks Tusk but Tusk back drops Justin Sain,. Justin Sain is able to knock down Tusk and hit him with 3 elbows. An arm wrench and swing kick puts Tusk down. A right hand staggers Tusk and as Justin Sain charges Tusk hits Sain with a spine buster. A sleeper to Justin Sain for a moment as Sain fights out if it. Justin Sain tries a chop but Tusk ducks and hits a back drop. A school boy by Tusk gets 2. Sain fights back and hits a famasser and than locks in the figure 4. Tusk fights it and counters by turning it over. They break it off and Sain rips of Tusk shoe and hits him with it and shoves it in Tusks face. Tusk trips up Sain and hits a knee to the groin. Tusk works on Sain and Irish whips Sain in a close line by Storm. They both get up and Tusk side steps a Sain charge but Justin Sain hits multiple kicks and than gets Tusk down and hits him in the groin. Tusk gets up and nails Justin Sain who falls right on his face. They both get up to a vertical position and lock up as Justin Sain goes behind and locks in Just-in-Time, tazmisson, but Tusk is able to get out of it by falling to his back an getting a 2 count. Tusk lands a DDT that still just gets a 2 count. Justin Sain tries for a Insain Driver but Tusk head butts him in the groin. Justin Sain is able to avoid Tusk and grabs a chair. He throws the chair at Tusk and super kicks him. The diet rolling thunder gets another 2 count. A second diet rolling thunder is counter by Tusk into an arm bar and Tusk gets a submission victory. The BSC hit Triple D on Justin Sain after the match and than follow it with a Triple D onto Cammy. Justin Sain runs off the BSC as we get the announcement that Num Nuts is on his way to the ring.
Rating- *- After watching 3 shows in a row, and seeing this match 3 times, I am happy Tusk and Justin Sain (myself) ended up teaming. Technology this is the best of the 3, although I still prefer the 1st match for the comic side of sum of the spots. However, it is kind of confusing. Justin Sain is obviously a heel, the BOH are obvious baby faces, so it seems as if the BSC are kind of tweeners, feuding with both sides. The good thing is that everything would eventually start coming together.

BWA Title Match
“Top Notch” Justin Sain vs Num Nuts
Justin Sain is up and obviously hell bent after the attack on his manager, but he has other business to tend to. Num Nuts music hits and he comes running at Justin Sain who ducks his head and delivers a back drop. Justin Sain twists the leg and than picks him up for a suplex. A 2 count on Num Nuts. Justin Sain hits a neck breaker and locks in Just-In-Time but Num Nuts fights out of it and lands a DDT followed by a sleeper hold. Justin Sain gets up and Num Nuts hops up for a huracanrana but Justin Sain stops him in mid air but locks in an elevated Boston crab. Justin Sain stops another huracanrana attempt and hits a power bomb and than put son a figure four. Justin Sain gives up on the hold and delivers a back suplex. Sain than lifts up Num Nuts and Irish whips him into the metal guard rail on the entrance way. Justin Sain than has a piece of the guard rail and hits Num Nuts with it. Num Nuts counters by flipping Justin Sain over and leg drops him. They Brawl over to the dunes and hits a famasser. Num Nuts pops up and hits Justin Sain in the groin. Num Nuts picks up Justin Sain and slams him to the ground, scales up to the top of the dunes were there is a tall wooden beam. He climbs up and goes for the swanton but Justin Sain moves. Num Nuts comes crashing down and is hurt bad. Justin Sain hits a beck breaker and a school boy gets 2. Justin Sain tries a pile driver but is back dripped for his efforts. Num Nuts points towards the guard rail and brings it over to Justin Sain. He sets up the guard rail but Justin Sain fights back and pulls Num Nuts in for a DDT on the guard rail. A Russian leg sweep pouts Num Nuts down and than heads to the top of the dunes. He tries for a splash but Num Nuts moves and puts a figure four on Sain. Justin Sain is screaming in pain and is able to wiggle free. Justin Sain tires a suplex to Num Nuts on the guard rial but Num Nuts reverses and hits a fisherman’s DDT. A pile driver is next up on Justin Sain and he is out. Num Nuts goes on top of the dunes and hits a corkscrew splash for another 2 count. Num Nuts than spears Justin Sain down and goes back up to the wooden beam again on the dunes as Cammy comes back and pushes Num Nuts down as he falls 15 feet to the ground. Justin Sain capitalizes and hits the Insain Driver for the 3 count.
Rating **- Pretty good match actually especially compared to the previous efforts. Things would get a lot better over the next few months but it flowed well and gave Justin Sain a much needed win and with the help by Cammy at the end really added to the heel factor.

BWA Tag Team Title 3 Way Dance
The B.O.H vs The Beach Street Connection vs The Guaccis
The BOH are out first followed by the Guaccis.; The four men start brawling already as Skidmark slams down Sean and the BOH double team suplex Matt and turn it into a power bomb. A double underhook suplex to Matt from Num Nuts is next as the music hits and out come the BSC! They come running in from the dunes as they attack the Guaccis first. Num Nuts hits a piledriver on Storm and Matt attacks Tusk. Skidmark is working on Sean and the BOH attack Num Nuts. Num Nuts hits a DDT on Tusk and than Num Nuts spears down Sean. Skidmark slams Tusk for a 2 count. Tusk fights back and suplex’s Skidmark. Tusk takes advantage of a fallen Sean Guacci and gets a 2 count. Num Nuts slams down Sean as Skidmark drop kicks Tusk. Matt Guacci feels the wrath of Num Nuts and gets a 2 count. Skidmark flips over the big Storm with a suplex and than hits a fall away slam for a 2 count. Num Nuts applies a across face on Sean Guacci and Skidmark hits a back breaker on Matt Guacci. Skidmark picks up Matt with a guerrilla press and tosses him to a power slam by Num Nuts. Tusk splashes Sean Guacci but is than attacked by Skidmark. Storm than tosses own Skidmark as all 6 man are brawling all over the wrestling area. Storm hits a standing death valley driver on Sean and Skidmark suplex s Storm once again. Storm gets back up and pile drives Skidmark to the ground. Skidmark hits a famasser on Tusk as Matt Guacci finally gets back up and attacks everyone but Storm lays him out with 2 choke slams. Skidmark on the other end hits a fall away slam on Sean and than the Streak to eliminated the Guaccis. A Triple D to Num Nuts only gets 2 as Skidmark breaks it up and suplex’s Storm again. Storm gets back up and power bombs Num Nuts as Skidmark ;locks in an ankle lock on Tusk. Skidmark Irish whips Storm in the guard rail as it is knocks over. Num Nuts tosses a parking cone at Tusk. Num Nuts goes back down and starts choking Tusk. Skidmark brings Storm over to the dunes and hits Storm with the entrance sign and than with a piece of gutter. Storm fights back and lays the BOH with the gutter. Tusk makes his way back and covers Num Nuts for 2. The BOH use the gutter and nail a double team Arabian face buster with it. Skidmark, Storm and Num Nuts head to the top of the dunes as Num Nuts is thrown off and Skidmark is tosses off as well. Num Nuts is covered by Tusk but only gets a 2 count. Storm climbs to the top of the wooden bean on the dunes but Skidmark throws him off. Num Nuts hits a pile driver on the fallen Storm as Skidmark goes to the top of the wooden bean but Tusk lands a left hand and Skidmark flips off all the way down. All four men are hurt but still battling away as Skidmark slams down Storm but just gets a 2 as Storm gets the shoulder up. Num Nuts locks in a sleeper on Tusk. Tusk is down as well is Storm as Num Nuts goes to the top of the dunes again as Skidmark heads to the other side of the dunes and heads to the top as well. Stereo double team splashes on both members of the BSC. The battle rages on as Num Nuts heads to the top of the dunes again but Storm choke slams Num Nuts from the top of the dunes and Skidmark feels the same and heads down again. Num Nuts crawls back up to the top of the dunes and the get son top of the wooden beam but is hit by Triple D all the way down the dunes and that finishes it off for the win! After the match the BSC attack the BOH and lay them out and celebrate as the BOH get back up and chase them off and out of the wrestling area.
Rating- ** this match ran way too long but was fun while it lasted.

Beach Street Connection Interview:
They gloat about the victory and say they are the two best wrestlers in the BWA and they sent the BOH straight to hell. The BOH run out and brawl the BSC. Justin Sain comes out after the match with Cammy and says next time we see the BWA he will be the one wearing the BWA title. He closes it out with a kiss from Cammy as we fade off.

In Closing: So we have gotten past the first run of shows as we wrap up the April run of shows at the beach on Lido Beach in Long Island. Next up is May and we head to an actual backyard on Long Island. The BOH are fighting to get back their BWA Tag Team Titles from the power hour team of the Beach Street Connection. Num Nuts, however ,still Holds the major prize with the BWA Title, and Justin Sain talks his trash, makes life miserable for everyone and is in line for a title shot. See ya next time as we flip the calendar to May, 2000 and more BWA action.


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