BWA Spring Breakout (4/20/2000)

Posted: April 6, 2010 in BWA & UWF Reveiws, The Blog!

BWA Spring Breakout
Lido Beach, NY

(the match rating system is similar to if you were reading a movie or TV show review, or even a regular wrestling match review. However, keep in mind that a match that might get **** here wouldn’t be what a real pro wrestling match gets, they are ratings to reflex that of a backyard wrestling match, so just keep that in mind. Below are the star rating guide line. matches will include half stars to accompany the match (EX: *1/2, ** 3/4, etc…typically since the best rating is *****, a match **1/2 would be right in the middle and considered an average match)

DUD- Offensive to the viewing public
* = bad match
**= fair and acceptable
***= good match
****= great match
*****= CLASSIC!

When we last left you Skidmark and Num Nuts battled in the Main Event in the finals for the BWA Title. Num Nuts came away with the victory and the title but the respect was still their between the two tag team partners. However, all hell broke loose after wards with the entire BWA roster getting into a brawl. Justin Sain brawled with Tusk who was getting help from his tag team partner Lampa. As well as “Maniac” Matt & “Mad Man” McNeary attacking Skidmark and Num Nuts, the Buddukes of Hazard, the BOH. After the show “Maniac” Matt & “Mad Man” McNeary left the BWA so a new team was put forth in front of the BOH. Tusk and his partner Lampa, known as the Beach Street Connection. The BOH “won” the Pat Paterson Invitational Tag Team tournament against a team called the Guaccis to win the belts as the stage was set for the next BWA show, Spring Breakout.

BOH Interview-
Skidmark, along with Num Nuts who doesn’t speak, tell us they are the team to beat and want to impress the BWA auidiance and they think the BWA is starting strong

Beach Street Connection-
Lampa tells us that the Beach Street Connection are the best team and that the BWA is going straight up. Tusk agree’s and says the BOH will get hit with 3D

BWA Title Match
Justin Sain vs Num Nuts
Justin Sain lets the BWA audience know that he is the franchise of the BWA and that they were nothing with out him and he demands a title shot with Num Nuts now. Num Nuts comes out and quickly takes down Justin Sain. Justin Sain attacks Num Nuts and hits a DDT followed by a diet rolling thunder. A Russian leg sweep is next and a low blow to follow. Justin Sain works over the leg with a leg whip and than a bull dog. Justin Sain kicks at the left leg and add a few knife edge chops. Num Nuts comes back with punches to his head and hits Justin Sain with a back suplex. Justin Sain is in a daze as he falls right on his face. Another low blow staggers Num Nuts as he locks in the tazmisson which is quickly countered with a snap mare. Num Nuts only gets a 2 and picks Justin Sain up, hits him with a pile driver and and gets out a piece of a gutter. Num Nuts applies a sleeper. Sain slips out of it as Num Nuts brings over a box in the wrestling area. Justin Sain tries for another low blow but is speared down by Num Nuts. Num Nuts gets up on the wooden walk way as Justin Sain tried to climb up but is choked by Num Nuts. He sets Justin Sain up on the box and leg dropped through the box by Num Nuts from the top of the wooden ramp way. Justin Sain is stuck in the box as Num Nuts gets back to the wooden walk way. Justin Sain gets back up but falls back into the box. Num Nuts than hits him with a flying swanton from the walk way while being in the box. Num Nuts than hits Justin Sain with the Diamond Dust and scales back up top to the wooden walk way and deliverers a 450 splash for the 1-2-3 victory.

Rating- *1/2 another rough one here, pass

BWA Tag Team Title Match
The BOH vs The Beach Street Connection
The BSC come out first and Lampa is now going by the name Storm. They are followed in next by the BOH. The BSC quickly jump on the attack as Num Nuts attacks Storm and Tusk hits Skidmark with a DDT. Skidmark is up and hits Tusk with a license plate. Num Nuts comes over to make the save as the BOH hit a double team suplex on Storm. Storm slams down Num Nuts and hits a back suplex on Skidmark. Tusk comes in with the attack on Skidmark but gets body slammed for his efforts. Skidmark hits a suplex on Tusk as Storm pile drives Num nuts. Tusk hits the kneeling fisherman’s suplex on Nut Nuts as Storm continues to brawl with Skidmark The BSC double team Skidmark now but Num Nuts jumps off the back of Skidmark and drop kicks Storm. Skidmark suplex’s Storm as Num Nuts takes down Tusk. Skidmark jumps from the walk way with a drop kick on Storm. Num Nuts goes up to the wooden walk way as the BCS attack Skidmark, Num Nuts flies off with a drop kick on the BCS. Skidmark hits Tusk with the gutter as the BOH use a double team take down on Tusk. Skidmark DDT’s Storm on a chair. Skidmark puts the chair on Storm as Num Nuts drops a high flying leg drop on the chair. Skidmark puts a Boston crab on Storm as Num Nuts uses a camel clutch to try to force the submission. Tusk comes charging at them and breaks up the submission with a double closeline. Storm tries to jump of Tusk with a shoulder block but Skidmark side steps him. Skidmark trips up Tusk and hits him with a head butt to the groin as Num Nuts pile drives Storm. Skidmark uses a wheel barrel slam on Num Nuts and drops him on Storm. The BSC take down Num Nuts but are hit by a flying axe handle by Skidmark and is thrown into the wooden walk way. Num Nuts than makes his way over to Tusk with a flurry of punches and another DDT. Tusk gets back up and hits a bull dog on Num Nuts but Num Nuts comes back with a bulldog of his own. The BOH double team Tusk until Storm comes back with a painting sheet. Skidmark and Num Nuts lay out the BSC and both go to the top and hit splashes on Tusk and Storm. Tusk fights off Skidmark knocking him down and gets a 2 count. The BOH grab a metal guardrail and bring it into the wrestling area. Storm fights off the BOH and he throws Skidmark into the metal rail and follow sit with a splash but Skidmark moves and he breaks the metal rail. The BOH attack Storm more as Storm eats the guard rail once again. Storm goes head first into the wooden walk way as Num Nuts grabs a crate and smashes it onto Tusk. The BSC hit the Triple D (3D) onto Skidmark for a 2 count as Num Nuts makes the save. The hit another Triple D onto Skidmark. Num Nuts comes back to break it up as they continue to brawl towards the entrance way. Num Nuts and Skidmark bring Storm to the wooden walk way and we follow them off the beach onto the street. All four man are brawling as Num Nuts puts Storm through a garbage can. Skidmark is slammed head first into a box but gets up quickly and hammers Tusk with it. Storm is laid n the ground as Num Nuts jumps on him with a leg drop. They bring the fight back up the walk way as Skidmark covers Storm for a 2 count. Skidmark hits 2 elbow drops from the top of the walk way but is short on the 3rd one as Storm moves out of the way. Meanwhile Tusk gets a 2 count on Num Nuts. The BSC bring Skidmark up the walk way but Num Nuts runs up the ramp and hits them both with a garbage can. They make their way back to the wrestling area as Num Nuts puts a sleeper on Storm. Tusk get some shots in on Num Nuts and a Triple D onto Num Nuts finishes him off as the Beach Street Connection win the tag team titles. The BOH chase of the new champions after the match.

Rating- *1/2 – a few decent little spots but it is just way to drawn out here once again. Good thing we got things in order later on and cut back on match times.

BOH Interview-
Skidmark says they were cheated and they had the win. They think everyone in the BWA is against them and they will make people pay.

“top Notch” Justin Sain Interview-
Justin Sain, along with Cammy, says he is the man in the BWA and he will be the one who makes history on Tusks name. He says he is the best looking, the best wrestler and that he came here for Cammy, she says sorry to the ladies out there because he doesn’t want them, he has her.

Tuskarean Strap Match- (2 life guard buoy in the middle hooked to 2 rope on both sides)
Oh boy, here we go. Justin Sain hits the wrestling area first as the Tusk music plays. Both men have wrestled tonight so no advantage here in the stamina department. Both men are hated by the fans. Both men are hooked to the straps and they start to tug of war as Tusk wins the challenge and drags Justin Sain to him but Justin Sain gets the advantage and tries a pile driver but it is reversed to a back drop. Justin Sain takes the strap and tries to choke him with it. They hook them selfs back to the strap as Tusk is tackled by Justin Sain as he works over the leg. Tusk hits a low blow and Justin Sain drops right down. The straps won’t stay on so they throw them to the side and Justin Sain puts Tusk down with a headlock. Tusk fights it off and hits a DDT of his own and gets a 2 count for his efforts. Justin Sain tries for a sleeper but Tusk hits another low blow and a famasser to put Justin Sain down. Justin Sain is back up and puts tusk down and hits a super diet rolling thunder than was never scene again and for good reason. A Leg drop by Justin Sain gets 2. Tusk gets up and and knocks down Justin Sain and hits a back breaker for a 2 count. Justin Sain gets back up and delivers a neck breaker. An running sit down splash onto Tusk won’t keep the big man down as he is out at 2. Justin Sain with a knee to the face and Justin Sain smacks Tusk in the head screaming at him until Tusk gets back up. Cammy comes in and is pushed down by Tusk, Justin Sain takes advantage and hits the insain driver for the victory. Storm comes out and the BSC hit the Triple D on Justin Sain.

Rating- DUD- some how the match at the 1st show was better, leave this one alone

Hardcore Title Match
Skidmark vs Storm
Technically there wasn’t a hardcore title. Skidmark was just known as the hardcore wrestler, so he was the hardcore champion. It is noted that the title is retired but just brought out for this match only. Storm is out first as he poses in the entrance way. Skidmark comes out next with the hardcore title in hand. Storm charges at Skidmark knocking him down. A back body flip puts Skidmark down as he lays in shots with the metal gutter. The crate comes into play as Skidmark is knocked down with that as well. Storm grabs a piece of wood but Skidmark takes it away and knocks Storm down with it. An Arabian face buster is up next and than a body slam to put the big man down. A suplex is next up as Skidmark uses the wood once again. Skidmark drops an elbow on Storm but Storm comes back and knocks Skidmark down with a cookie sheet. Storm gets up slowly and hits a fammaser. He locks in an ankle lock and Skidmark screams in pain as he is able to get up from the pain and get a DDT onto Storm. A Snap mare brings Storm down. Skidmark tries for an Irish whip but Storm reverses it and sends Skidmark into the metal guardrail knocking it down. Storm slams Skidmark onto the rail once again. Skidmark takes the punishment and kicks off Storm with kicks and punches and a smack to the face. Skidmark drives Storms face into the guard rail. Skidmark connects with a pile driver and picks up Storm as they make their way into the dunes. Storm gets Skidmark on top of the dunes and choke slams him all the way down! Skidmark is laying in obvious pain but gets back up only to get hit with power bomb. Skidmark is able to get back up and knock Storm down with his show but Storm pushes him off and hits a back suplex. A pulling pile driver is up next and neither man is ready to say I quit yet. Skidmark runs at Storm but is back dropped over the wooden fence. Storm asks the ref to ask Skidmark if he quite, the answer is no. Skidmark is getting his second wind as he close lines Storm down and a head butt to the groin. Skidmark applies and leg lock but it is reversed into an ankle lock by Storm. Skidmark refuses to quit and holds on for dear life. Storm connects with a face buster and waits for Skidmark to stand up and he nearly takes his head off with a close line. Skidmark is able to get the big man on hi shoulders and land a Samoan drop on Storm. Storm goes back on top of the dunes again and connects with a close line to drop Skidmark again. Storm lands some hard kicks on Skidmark and goes back on top of the dunes and hits Skidmark with a splash. Skidmark is hurt bad but he lunges at Storm with the mandible claw but Storm fights it off. Skidmark tires for the Streak but his ankle can not support the weight and he falls back down. Both men are down and in pain. Skidmark pops up and limps over to Storm and applies and arm bar. Skidmark continues to hammer away on the arm as they make their way back to the top of the dunes as Skidmark some how is able to power bomb Storm off the dunes! Skidmark goes back on top of the dunes and drops an elbow. He locks back in the arm bar and Storm finally taps out. Tusk comes in to attack Skidmark as Num Nuts comes in to fight off the BSC. Justin Sain than comes out and attacks Tusk, Skidmark than gets back up and hits the Streak on Storm from the top of the dunes and Num Nuts hits a dragon attack on Storm from that same position on the dunes. The BOH continue to attack Storm as we head off the air as the BOH say they will get their tag belts back.

Rating **- wow that was exhausting. Match was decent enough at times but a step back from the match at the first show. The problem with the matches are that they are just so long. We head into the next show just two days later. The BOH vs BSC feud is in full force and Justin Sain just won’t stay out of the way of Tusk. See ya than


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