Those were the days!

Posted: April 5, 2010 in BWA & UWF Reveiws
“Those were the days”. Ah the closing theme song lyrics to my favorite television show, All in the family. That’s the phrase I think of when I think back to the glory days of my childhood. Actually, my later childhood. For nearly three years I created strong bonds, made life long friendships and experienced some of the best times of my life with a group of friends that I will take with me till i’m outta this place. The thing is, how can you fight, battle, bleed and cry with people, yet still say they were your closest friends? I don’t wanna get too mushy here but I kinda have to in order for you to get the point.

It was around February of the year 2000. I was sitting in my music class in high school when I over heard one of my fellow classmates. He was talking about pro wrestling, being the social person that I was combined with my heavy interest in wrestling I started talking to him. He said he was planning on starting his  ”backyard” wrestling promotion with some local guys from school. Now when I say backyard wrestling most of you with think right of the bat that we jumped off roofs, set each other on fire and beat each other to a bloody pulp. That wasn’t the case, at least not yet.
His name was Mark, and along with his cousin Tom, we headed down to the beach in our home town of Long Beach, located in Long Island, NY to practice some moves and get ready for the debut show. These two guys were on the school wrestling and football teams and definitely were the two most athletic guys we had on the roster. I played basketball and was fairly athletic but nothing like these guys. I created the character “Top Notch” Justin Sain, the pretty boy cocky son-of a- bitch you  just can’t stand. After the practice session I knew my “in ring” skills left plenty to be desired, however I figured that would come time and since I was some what of a natural preforming in front of people I knew I could make it up with interviews and entertainment. Mark went by the name of Skidmark. Wearing ripped jeans and a dirty pair of underwear on his head, you could only imagine the visual. His cousin, Tom, went by the name of Num Nuts, wearing blue shorts covering white sweat pants and a white t-shirt.
I was introduced to the other wrestling. There was Steve, who wrestled under the name Storm. A taller kid who had played basketball, as did I, so I figured he at least a some athletic ability. Zach, who was like a carbon copy of Steve as far as height and build went and he played sports too, so once again I knew these guys would be some what decent at wrestling. The next guy up was Matt, he was the same age as I was, the other guys were a year younger and Steve was two years younger but you never would have known it since he was the biggest. Matt was trim and in shape, definitely athletic and had the potential to be at the top of the list out of everyone who was wrestling. After Matt was Harry, a shorter kid who was really only there for hell of it, he didn’t last long. Finally was Tusk. His real name was Matt but for the sake of this article and the confusion of having two guys with the same name, will just call him Tusk since that’s what he became known for anyway. It was a take off on his last name and it just stuck. Tusk was a shorter guy but stocky, he could run you over like a mack truck if he was asshole type, lucky for most people he’s from a rare bread of being, an actual nice guy. I was paired up with Mark’s sister, Brittney, or Cammy as she would become known as, to enhance my “pretty boy” gimmick.
With a roster complete, a location picked up and a date set, the stage was set for the first ever show. We were the BWA, the Backyard Wrestling Alliance, and a tournament was set to crown the first ever champion. In the following days and weeks for the enjoyment of yours truly, anyone who was involved in any of the shows we put on and hopefully the random person looking for a decent story, I will be documenting the events of rise and fall of the backyard wrestling groups in that summer town of Long Beach, NY as well as reviewing each show that took place. Sit back, relax and get ready to relieve a time in the life’s kids who made more out of nothing than anyone I have ever met, in a time were nothing “real” matter and the best was yet to come…

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