BWA: The Beginning- BWA Title Tournament (4/1/2000)

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BWA: The Beginning- BWA Title Tournament
Lido Beach, NY

(the match rating system is similar to if you were reading a movie or TV show review, or even a regular wrestling match review. However, keep in mind that a match that might get **** here wouldn’t be what a real pro wrestling match gets, they are ratings to reflex that of a backyard wrestling match, so just keep that in mind. Below are the star rating guide line. matches will include half stars to accompany the match (EX: *1/2, ** 3/4, etc…typically since the best rating is *****, a match **1/2 would be right in the middle and considered an average match)

* = bad match
**= fair and acceptable
***= good match
****= great match
*****= CLASSIC!

So the day was here, and the tournament was set, the winner would be the 1st ever BWA champion. Some of the comments in these reviews might offend some of the guys, but the truth is we did a lot of stuff that was great, some was good, some average and some down right awful. I was involved in the good and the bad and I will tell you my opinion on both sides. Anyway, let’s quick the talking and go to the action. First round action starts…NOW!

1st Round BWA Title Tournament Match
Skidmark vs “Maniac” Matt
Skidmark makes his way to beach 1st, underwear on his head and all. “Maniac” Matt follows in next and breaks a broom stick of Skidmark. A body slam follows but Skidmark counters with an atomic drop. A quick Boston crab leads us to “Maniac” Matt getting out and going for a back suplex which is counter by Skidmark with a bulldog. Repeated shots with a computer keyboard takes “Maniac” Matt down and elbow drop gets a 2 count. Skidmark gets to the second beam on the ramp way and hits a double axe handle. “Maniac” Matt comes back with a 360 sidewalk slam that gets two as well. Skidmark shows heart coming back with a back suplex followed by a vertical suplex. Skidmark puts the boots to him as “maniac Matt hooks the leg and attempts an ankle lock and than a full nelson body lock. Skidmark fights out and hits a triple powerbomb which only gets a 2 count. “Maniac” Matt with a full nelson slam and a shot to the head of Skidmark with a cooking sheet. A back suplex gets another 2 count as “Maniac” Matt tries for a dive from the top but Skidmark counters with a slam. Skidmark gets to the top of the walking way and tries for a Skidflip front flip but only lands half of it. “Manic” Matt goes to the top and hits a frig slash. He attempts a slam on Skidmark which is reversed into a rockbottom. Skidmark works the arm and kicks “Maniac’ Matt in the gut. Skidmark gets out a garbage can and hits “Maniac” Matt with it. “Maniac” Matt comes back and slams Skidmark on the garbage can. “Maniac” Matt goes up top and attempts a Swanton Bomb but Skidmark moves and “Maniac” Matt lands right on the garbage can! Skidmark picks up “Maniac” Matt up on his shoulders for what looks like a death valley driver but instead whips him down with a high impact snap mare slam which is known as “The Streak”. The cover finally gets 3 count and Skidmark advances in the BWA Title Tournament.
Rating **1/2…a fun opening match. Both guys are athletic and it showed

1st Round BWA Title Tournament Match
Num Nuts vs “Mad Man” McNeary
“Madman” McNeary makes his way out first but is quickly attacked from behind by Num Nuts who nails him with a piece of wood. Num Nuts hits McNeary with a crucifix powerbomb but it only gets two. Num Nuts gets on top of McNeary with a reverse chin lock but McNeary reverses with a DDT. A patriot slam by McNeary get s a 2 count so McNeary hits a double arm DDT to follow up. McNeary hits a big splash from the top of the walk way but Num Nuts gets up and hits a guerrilla press power slam. Num Nuts goes on top of the walk way and hits a big leg drop. Num Nuts grabs McNeary and sets him and delivers a “Mad Dingo Death Drop” other wise known as a sit out pump handle slam. Out of no where “Maniac” Matt comes out and attacks Num Nuts. He double teams him along with McNeary. “Maniac” Matt hits a top rope swanton bomb on Num Nuts until his tag team partner Skidmark comes out o make the save. Skidmark knocks down “Maniac” Matt and along with Num Nuts they hit there double team finishing move on Mcneary entitled the Budduky Bomb (Skidmark sets up for a powerbomb as Num Nuts comes off of the top of the walk way with a sit out splash). Num Nuts makes the cover and picks up the win
Rating- *1/2…nothing much here, nothing horrible but just kinda their. Good way to develop Skidmark and Num Nuts as a team.

1st Round BWA Title Tournament Match
“Top Notch” Justin Sain w/ Cammy vs Tusk
Tusk makes his way out first with jean shorts and a long sleeve black shirt. Next up is “Top Notch” Justin Sain wearing blue jeans and a dark blue sweatshirt as well as being accompanied by Cammy. As Justin Sain enters the wrestling area Tusk throws a garbage can at Justin Sain knocking him right down to the ground. Tusk attacks quickly with a splash and follows it with kicks and punches and Justin Sain goes right back down. Tusk throws his face right into the ground and hits a big knee between the legs. More kicks follow and hits a kneeling fisherman’s suplex. More punches follow but Justin Sain gets in a low blow followed by punches of his own and than a million dollar dream. Tusk reverses with a DDT and tries a slam but Cammy comes in and low blows Tusk. Justin Sain its a kart wheel kick and applies a Boston crab but tusk powers out of it and Justin Sain flips forward. Tusk picks up the cookie sheet and nails Justin Sain with it as Justin Sain falls right down like an old tree. Justin Sain fights back with a few chops and a big DDT. Justin Sain drags out a box tot he wrestling area and than puts the boots to Tusk. Justin Sain than sets up the box and than goes back over to Tusk and delivers a neck breaker. He puts a sleeper on Tusk but Tusk is able to get out of it and slam Justin Sain to the ground. They trade shots and Tusk his hit with the painting sheet repeatedly until Tusk hits his own low blow on Justin Sain. Justin Sain get away and puts the garbage can over Tusks head , taunts him and hits him with a big left hand. Tusk gets over the walk way to the wooden ramp and tells Justin Sain to come up to meet him. Justin Sain attempts to climb it but is knocked off the wall by Tusk and through the box. Tusk comes back down and hits Sain with a back breaker and follows it up with an arm bar for the quick submission.
Rating- 1/2* …this match from a personal stand point was just rough, thank god better times were a head. A few funny moments at least

2st Round BWA Title Tournament Match
Lampa (AKA the future Storm) vs Skidmark
Lampa gets the luck of the draw and gets a buy in the second round. Lampa comes out twitching. Skidmark comes out and quickly attacks storm. Skidmark hits a big suplex on Lampa and follows it up with some kicks. Lampa grabs a cookie sheet and unloads on Skidmark. Skidmark goes underneath the walk way and comes back with a piece of wood and breaks it over Lampa. A fallaway slam by Skidmark is up next and than a shot to the mid section with a crutch by Skidmark. Lampa fights back with punches and kicks and than a big powerbomb onto Skidmark. Lampa than hits a reverse atomic drop on Skidmark and than goes on top of the walk way and jumps onto Skidmark as they make there way to the other side of the walk way. Skidmark his Lampa with the cookie sheet as Lampa grabs it from him and lays in shots as well. Skidmark takes Lampa down and delivers a back suplex. Lampa shrugs of the pain and throws Skidmark on the walk way and than choke slams Skidmark off the walk way on to the ground. Lampa shackles Skidmark with handcuffs and hits a pile bomb on Skidmark. Lampa brings out a wooden clothing rack and attempts a powerbomb on it but Skidmark reverses it with a backdrop of his own and Lampa eats the wood. Lampa gets back up again and hits Skidmark with a rack. A fame asser by Lampa followed by shots to the head on Skidmark with his own shoe. Skidmark fights back but is quickly knocked back down. Lampa smacks Skidmark with a street sign and than hits a double arm DDT for good measure. A Boston crab is next up as Skidmark with stands the pain and Lampa changes direction and goes from the Boston crap to a leg lock. The cookie sheet re appears and lands on Skidmark’s head as Lampa continues the punishment. Skidmark breaks loose from the cuffs and goes toe to toe with Lampa trading punches before Lampa gets the better of him and they make their way to the walk way again. Skidmark than is able to knock Lampa down as he rolls 30 feet down the wooden walk way. Skidmark gets the key to unlock whats left of the handcuffs. Lampa makes his way back up and throws Skidmark back to the wrestling area. Skidmark side steps a flying Lampa and hits him with a double leg take down. Lampa is back up and hits hard shots to the back of Skidmark. Skidmark is able to slam Lampa down and followed by an elbow drop from the top of the wooden walk way. Skidmark tries for the Streak on the big man but it is reversed to a school boy. Lampa nails a double under hook face crusher but Skidmark pops right up until Lampa sends him to the ground again and knocks the ref down in the process. A Power bomb looks to the be the end but the ref is down. The ref makes his way over but Skidmark gets up, fights back and finally hits the Streak to get a ticket to the final round.
Rating- **…it definitely had it’s good parts but it just ran way to long and over drawn. Overall a good effort by both involved and a good way to build Skidmark as a legit tough man in the promotion.

2nd Round BWA Title Tournament Match
Num Nuts vs Tusk
Tusk makes his way out first as Num Nuts follows in behind him. Num Nuts attacks first with a piece of wood to the back of Tusk and hits a DDT as well. Tusk is up quick and kicks Num Nuts in the guts and sends Num Nuts to the ground with a DDT of his own. Num Nuts gets up and gets a Famasser on Tusk and goes on top of the walk way. Tusk attempts to follow him but is met with drop kick form Num Nuts from the top. Num Nuts gets on top of the walk way again and his lands on Tusk with a big splash. A 2 count is all the he is able to get as Tusk gets up and hits a Samoan drop looking like Num Nuts hurt his knee, in particular the pendoranglocen muscle in the knee. Num Nuts surprises Tusk with a quick role up and a win to get to the finals of the tournament
Rating- * – quick and mostly painless

“Top Notch” Justin Sain Interview-
Justin Sain says Tusk can’t beat him and tell the camera to get a close up as Tusk runs in and attacks him

Skidmark Interview-
Skidmark says that even though Num Nuts is his tag team partner he will make sure he sends him to the hospital, the beach is his play ground of death and destruction and he will win the BWA ending with his now infamous quote “your ass is mine, and I don’t wipe”

Final Round BWA Title Tournament
Skidmark vs Num Nuts
Skidmark is out first and Num Nuts runs out next and quickly hits a flying head scissors and than a jumping hurricanrana. Skidmark attempts a kick but Num Nuts reverses it into multiple leg whips and grounds Skidmark. Jabs to the head stagger Skidmark and a body slam puts him down. Num Nuts applies a reverse chin lick. They get back up and and arm wrench is next as Skidmark bridges out of it. A reverse on the arm wrench and Num Nuts is brought down but quickly kips up and gets on top of Skidmark for a 2 counts as Skidmark bridges out of it and hits a reverse DDT on Num Nuts. Num Nuts is down but bridges out himself and hits Skidmark with a gut wrench suplex. Num Nuts throws Skidmark’s underwear at him but Skidmark tackles Num Nuts and puts the boots to him. Skidmark hits a power bomb that only gets a 2 count. Skidmark limps over to the garbage can and sets it on the ground. A slam to Num Nuts on the garbage can gets another 2 count as Skidmark is in obvious pain. Skidmark nails Num Nuts with the cookie sheet as Skidmark gets to the top of the walk way and hits Num Nuts with a big flying elbow drop. Skidmark elevates Num Nuts on his shoulders and hits a Electric Chair Drop followed by a wheel barrel suplex. An atomic drop and a face buster puts Num Nuts down for the time being as Skidmark wrenches the arm again but Num Nuts counters with a back drop. Num Nuts and Skidmark trade jabs as Num Nuts wins the encounter and knocks Skidmark down to the ground and drops a leg drop on him for good measure. A Mad Dingo Death Drop attempt is reversed by Skidmark into a dragon sleeper. Skidmark changes course into a camel clutch but quickly drops the hold. Num Nuts gets his second wind and lands a pile driver on Skidmark. Num Nuts grabs lighter fluid and attempts to light a stick on fire and hit Skidmark with it as our camera man is knocked down. Where back and Num Nuts sets up thumb tacks but it backfires as Skidmark turns the tacks on Num Nuts and power bombs him on it. Skidmark pushes Num Nuts into the tacks harder. Num Nuts gets to his feet and removes his shirt. Skidmark tosses Num Nuts with a fallaway slam and than picks him up for the Streak but Num Nuts counters with a crucifix roll up for a 2 count. Num Nuts throws Skidmark with a vertical suplex. Num Nuts heads up to the top of the wood once again and hits a tornado DDT. They fight back up the wood again as Num Nuts his another DDT from the wood getting only 2 count as Skidmark barley gets his shoulder up before the 3 count. A double choke handed slam onto Skidmark puts him down as Num Nuts attacks some more with kicks and punches and a neck breaker to follow. Num Nuts is back on the wooden walk way as Skidmark follows him up. A big slam onto Num Nuts from Skidmark on the wood gets a 2 count. Skidmark crotches Num Nuts on the wood and knocks him down. Skidmark drags Num Nuts face on the wood and than hits a back breaker. A fan runs from the scene in horror as they continue the fight on the woof. Num Nuts drags Skidmark down the entrance way and hits a back suplex for 2. Num Nuts delivers a scoop slam and Skidmark pops up and hits a drop kick. A running power slam by Skidmark shades of the British Bulldog but they weren’t in drug rehab notes myself on commentary. Gee Wiz. A guerrilla press slam by Skidmark on Num Nuts takes him down. They make there way up the dunes on the beach as Num Nuts climbs a sign and hits a huge drop kick as Skidmark falls down the dune. Num Nuts gets back on top of the dune again and knocks Skidmark down with a front flip splash. Skidmark fights his way up and tried a suplex on Num Nuts but Num Nuts reverses it and suplex’s him off the dune! A cover only gets 2 as Num Nuts lifts him up for the Mad Dingo Death Drop but Skidmark is still only down for 2. Num Nuts gets on top of the dune and hits a flying close line. Both man are stand face to face as Num Nuts hits him with a drop kick followed by a power bomb and flipping pin for another 2 count. Num Nuts tries for the Mad Dingo again and this time Skidmark can not kick out and Num Nuts wins the BWA Title.
Rating- ***1/4…After watching this match again I think it’s a bit underrated by all of us since it was during a time where we were all just starting. It isn’t the greatest match since a lot of it is just move after move with no flow, but still it does move well and everything is done as good as it was gonna get. Good way to end the show.

“Maniac” Matt and “Mad Man’ McNeary run out to the wrestling area and take advantage of a fallen Skidmark and Num Nuts and attack them. They Fight back and Skidmark power bombs McNeary off of the dunes as they continue to brawl. Skidmark is back don and Justin Sain comes out to attack him but Tusk comes in to attack him. Another Budduky Bomb on Mcneary! Skidmark attacks Tusk and Justin Sain. Tusk and Lampa team up to attack Justin Sain. We cut to an Interview of the BOH (The Buddukes of Hazard) Skidmark and Num Nuts as they challenge the BWA roster. “Maniac” Matt and “Mad Man” McNeary once again attack them as they brawl again to end the show.

OVERALL- This show was so fun to do, it was our first time out and it was a blast. The story involving “Maniac” Matt and “Mad Man” McNeary didn’t go anywhere as they never appeared again for the BWA. A New team would take over the role of the enemies of the BOH as we would continue into the month of April. In closing, looking back now this show is nothing special, not bad though actually, about **1/4 overall, a little less than average, but seeing that this was our 1st time out, you couldn’t have expected much more.


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